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Umrah in Rabi Ul Awwal

I feel myself truly honored and blessed to feast my hands while writing about the unprecedented personality whose ultimate teachings are ever-present for the guidance of whole mankind. Who in this entire universe can deny his divinely presence when the Creator of every particle has stamped on this ultimate truth that “We have sent you as mercy for the all universe” (al-Anbiya’ 21:107). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the heart beat of us Muslims. Without the resolution acceptance of his Prophet hood, we cannot be regarded as Muslims.
So it’s a matter of immense serendipity to bless your eyes with the spellbound panorama of Roza e Rasool ( PBUH), Mount Hira and dusty streets of Mecca and Medina on the eve of your Umrah or Haj. Millions of Muslims across the globe strive to avail of this spiritual Umrah opportunity in the month of Ramadan. But many of them can’t make it up due to the over crowdedness and high prices of Umrah packages. So it is the second best option to have your Umrah in Rabi ul Awwal

Significance of Rabi ul Awwal

All the Islamic months are blessed and brimmed with notable Islamic events. But I truly love my two favorite Holy Months that are Ramadan and Rabi ul Awwal. These months are inevitably brimmed with Allah’s blessings. If Ramadan is the month of Allah (SWT), Rabi ul Awwal is the month of our beloved Holy Prophet (SAW). It is the month when our Holy Prophet opened his sacred eyes into this cruel and uncouth world.

Commemorate the personality of the Holy Prophet ( SAW)

The commemoration of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is not dependent upon any time period. Because we Muslims know that the whole universe is created for him. Allah cannot accept anything without the divinely name of his beloved last messenger. He is declared as Khatam un Nabiyeen in the Holy Quran. This is the inerasable title designed by the glorious Holy Quran which is translated as “Seal of Prophets”.
However, Rabi ul Awwal is the good time to remind ourselves of the place of Holy Prophet (SAW). This month is a golden opportunity to devote ourselves in his praise as he is the best of the creation. He must mandatorily be dearer to us than anything or anyone else in this universe. If you want to experience considerable closeness with him, then feast your eyes by reading his biography. Enlighten yourself more about his amiable and compassionate character and his thought-provoking life events.

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When is Rabi ul Awwal

Rabi ul Awwal is the third month of the Islamic calendar, that occurs after Muharram and Safar. The literal meaning of Rabi ul Awwal is “the first spring”. This spring is an indicative of the holy arrival of our last Prophet (SAW). There are many opinions, suggestions and narrations pertaining to the day and date of birth of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Many narrations say it is 12th, while some opine the birth time between the 8th and 17th of Rabi ul Awwal.

Interesting facts associated with the Birth of Holy Prophet (SAW)

All the Muslims may have plentiful knowledge about the last messenger of Allah (SWT), there are some other indelibly remarkable facts associated with the birth of the Holy Prophet ( SAW) which we must know.

Anticipation of Prophet (SAW) Birth long time Ago

The dignity of Holy Prophet (SAW) lies in the undoubted fact that his birth had been anticipated a long time ago even before the advent of Islam. This ultimate fact can clearly be elicited from different illustrations of the Holy Quran indicating the anticipated arrival of Holy Prophet (SAW). In one indication of Quran, Isa (AS) mentioned to his people about the arrival of last Prophet (SAW) five centuries earlier from his birth. Isa ( AS) also said that he (SAW) his name would be Ahmad.
Allah’s Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail ( AS) also prayed for last Prophet ( SAW) of Allah during the rebuild of Kaaba.

Anticipation of Prophet’s Birth even before the Creation of Mankind

The divine arrival of Holy Prophet (SAW) was indelibly confirmed even prior to the creation of Mankind. Even our beloved Prophet (SAW) himself has confirmed his prophet hood in his own words.

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As narrated by Abu Hurairah

“O Messenger of Allah! When was the Prophet hood established for you?” He said when Adam was between soul and being ( body).”
( Tirmidhi, Book 49, Hadith 3968)

Names of Holy Prophet (SAW) in the Holy Quran

In the 138th, 2nd, 29th and 40th verses respectively of the Surah Ale Imran, Muhammad, al-Fath and al-Ahzab he has been called ‘Muhammad’ and in Surah al-Saff he has been called ‘Ahmad’. According to the Islamic history, the auspicious name ‘Ahmad’ was given by his mother Amina (R.A) and he was named ‘Muhammad’ by his loving grandfather Abdul Mutlib (R.A).

Notable Events in the Month of Rabi Ul Awwal

Although Ramadan is brimmed with many Holy Islamic events like the Revelation of Prophet hood and the Quran on the Holy Prophet (SAW), but the Islamic history shows some other significant events in the month of Rabi Ul Awwal

Hijrat-e-Madinah – Start of Islamic Hijri timetable

Martyrdom of Imam Hasan Askari (R.A)

Eid-e-Zahra (R.A)

Marriage of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and Hazrat Khadija

Death of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib (R.A) – granddad of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Significance of Umrah in Rabi Ul Awwal

In order to perform Umrah, after ramzan, the month of Rabi Ul Awwal is the second best option for us. During this Holy month the weather conditions in Saudi Arabia are really moderate and friendly.
Moreover, as compared to Ramadan, there are less number of pilgrims there in Rabi ul Awwal. So you would not feel so overcrowded. You will be able to perform your hassle free Umrah with an entire peace of mind.

Consult a reliable travel agent of a licensed travel company. Look for the affordable Umrah packages offered by them in Rabi Ul Awwal. It is advised to have an advance Umrah booking in Muharram or Safar for your upcoming Rabi Ul Awwal Umrah to avoid any future inconvenience.

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