Unique Mother’s Day Cakes For Mom

The occasion is just a month away, and you must prepare yourself to make it special for your Mom with a special and delicious treat.

And more than anything, a cake would be perfect for kick starting the celebrations of the day.

Here, we have gathered a few unique mothers day cake ideas that you should try this year.

Tic Tac Toe Cake For Mom

You might have played Tic Tac Toe with your mom lots of time, and it’s all about having a good time together. You can relive those moments on a special day and can have one more game with Tic Tac Toe mothers day cake. Get the cake covered in whipped pink cream because pink defines a mother’s selfless and caring love. Have a square net on top using dark colored whipped cream. Now fill the foxes with Xs and Os using white whipped cream and have MOM written in the to make it a special one.

Mother’s Love Cake

The second on the list depicts mothers’ love with some graphics placed on top of it. Your mother’s love for you has groomed you to be a better person in life, and you have learned a lot from his teachings. With this cake, you can show her that you’re nothing without her. Get a cake baked in the favourite flavour of your Mom. To make it a unique one, get a cartoony graphic of a Mother holding her son/daughter in her arms and ‘Mother’s Love’ written in the skies printed on a frosting sheet. She will not stop smiling from the heart after seeing the cake.

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MOM Alphabet Cake

A mother is the purest form of love, sacrifice, and selflessness! And so, a single cake may not be enough to appreciate her presence in your life. We have found a perfect solution! How about you surprise her with three cakes baked and prepared in the shape of alphabets M, O, and M. And when you place all the three together, it will make a word ‘MOM.’ Get the cakes topped with different things such as edible flowers, her favourite candies, and her name written using whipped cream. This one is surely a unique happy mothers day cake, and your mother will give you a tight hug.

Full Of Roses Designer Cake

You might have heard or read a lot of time before that mothers are just like the roses; lovely, beautiful, blissful, and soulful. And to express that natural comparison to her, you can think about surprising her with the sweetness of a special cake. You don’t need to read out special instructions to the baker. Just tell the baker to cover a finely baked cake with roses of different colours made using whipped cream. On top of the cake, place a small piece of a chocolate rectangle with HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY written on it using white cream.

Cake Topped With Miniatures of Things She Like

Your mother has taken care of your likes from the very day you came to this world, and she has done she could to keep you smiling. As you grow up, you surely came to know about a lot of things she likes the most. So, how about you make her the happiest by surprising her with a cake having all the things she likes on top? Well, you don’t have to put the things literally on top of the cakes! You can ask the bakers to create edible miniatures of things she likes, such as her handbag, make-up kit, laptop, or any other item.

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Make a choice and start finding an experienced baker for the job!

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