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5+ Absolute Perfect and Unique Thanksgiving Gifts for Host

Planning and preparing a thanksgiving gifts dinner party is tiresome and hectic. You want to entertain your guests with savory dishes and some sweet treats. Well, we can say it is more hectic than a Christmas dinner. But at the end of the day, you will receive some thanksgiving gifts.

As a guest, you understand it is an honor to be invited. You cannot show up with empty hands and empty stomach; choose one- the belly, of course. Among the simple gifts in the market, you want to appreciate the host for getting the dinner ready. Thus, find a unique and thoughtful thanksgiving gift for your host. Here are a few ideas you can implement this year.

Thanksgiving Wine Label With a Personalized Wine Case

Wineries produce different wine labels. You will find a wine for any occasion. It would not be appropriate to offer a wedding wine as a thanksgiving gift. There are different flavors of thanksgiving wine labels. You can choose your favorite for your host. The wine bottle will be so cute in a fitting wine case. Personalize it with the host’s name. Nothing makes a gift unique than seeing it is meant just for you. Also, accompany the package with a pineapple wine opener. The thanksgiving wine labels add some festivity in the bottle. If you do not find customized wine bottles, you can print a label and stick it on the ordinary wine bottle.

Spice Kit

Thanksgiving involves the use of various spices as ingredients. The host may run out of spices after the party. Thus, why not offer a spice kit? There are plenty of spice kits in the market. In the kit, there are several tins of spices. Thus, besides the spice content, you’ll also offer alternative spice storage.

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Giving spices as thanksgiving gifts shows you value the host. Just as spices add taste to food, the host adds value to your life. Also, you can add some flowers to make the spice kit more attractive.

Nut Gift Basket

Is your host a health nut? Well, a nut gift basket will offer a pleasant and healthy treat. You know, there are plenty of guests who’ll bring candies and chocolates. Thus, being different will make a statement. In one set of nut baskets, you’ll find various nuts such as almonds, macadamia, pistachio, cashews, pecans, etc.

Pumpkin Succulent Garden

Succulents are very easy to tend to. Thus, they are an excellent thanksgiving gift for your host. They add aesthetic value to the house. To make the succulent match the occasion, Plant them in a pumpkin planter.

Opt for artificial pumpkin planters. It will last a lifetime. Also, have it big enough to hold more than two succulent varieties. If you have a small pumpkin planter, then a monogram would be great.

Pumpkin Soap

Thanksgiving is the only day in the year you can eat and bathe with pumpkin pie. Well, of course, you do not use the edible pie for bathing. Make a pumpkin soap that resembles a pie. Goat milk is one of the ingredients. Thus, you are sure it will moisturize your host’s skin. Also, the fragrance makes it smell like edible pumpkin pie.

Metallic Maize Vase

Various flower vases offer aesthetic value. Some are common, while others are unique. But, you can DIY a flower vase with metallic maize. Do not fret where you’ll get the metallic maze. There are plenty in any gift shop. Also, you can order yours on various online stores.

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Arrange enough maize around the vase to cover it completely. Use beautiful and colorful ribbons to hold the maize in place. Remember, you can use this design for a candle holder, but you will need to space out the corns to give way for the candlelight.

Personalized Spoons

A set of spoons is an excellent thanksgiving gift idea. You know how spoons have a habit of disappearing from the kitchen. But, add a personalized touch on each spoon. You always see spoons with decorations on the handles. But rarely will you find a spoon with a message on the bowl part.

You can customize the spoons for any meal. It will be fun in the host’s house when someone grabs an ice cream spoon for dinner.


should be unique and thoughtful. If every person brought a flower bouquet or thanksgiving cards, what will the host show the received the following year? Long-lasting thanksgiving gifts are the best for the season. A personalized touch adds to the fun.