Bed Wedge for Acid Reflux

Various applications of the mattress wedges

Acid reflux mattress wedges are amazing innovations which help people who suffer from various forms of sleeping disorders to sleep more soundly. But, mattress wedges have several other applications and uses. These are not only helpful for acid reflux patients but for others too. In this small article, you will learn about the different applications of mattress wedges.

Asthma –Asthma patients will be able to breathe more easily when you provide them an elevation in the head with a mattress wedge.

Acid reflux – The reflux wedge can help acid reflux disorders stay at bay when you sleep.

Congestions in the heart: When you use a wedge in your mattress, then it will be easier for people who had suffered from any congestion in their heart to breathe properly.

Hoarseness – Hoarseness is a symptom of heartburn and GERD. If you elevate your head when you sleep then you may prevent any hoarseness from affecting you.

Children and babies – elevated mattress wedges will help to prevent the regurgitation of the milk if it is placed under their cribs or under their pillows.

Pregnancy related problems: Pregnant women will be at a higher risk of suffering because of acid reflux. As a result of this, a lot of doctors recommend that they sleep in an elevated position.

Respiratory problems and disorders: Because the reflux wedge in your bed will elevate your upper body, so you will be able to reduce and even remove a lot of symptoms which are associated with respiratory diseases. Issues like night time choking, hoarseness of your voice, sore throats can be treated effectively.

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Sinus congestion with the post nasal drainages–Mattress wedges help to elevate your head slightly. This can help to prevent any mucus from getting drained to the back of your throat. This will prevent the cause of irritation in the membranes which line your larynx.

Sleep apnea disorders – Sleep apnea is caused due to spasms as a result of getting acid reflux disorders when you sleep. The reflux can block your air flowing pattern and cause sleep apnea. The full length bed for Gerd will help to remove this problem by elevating your head and your entire upper body.

Snoring issues–Mattress wedges will elevate your head, your shoulders and your chest by a slight inclined angle. This will help you to reduce your snoring problems.

The reflux wedge was developed specifically to help people who suffered from acid reflux disorders during their sleep. It is extremely helpful. You can consider getting a full length bed wedge for Gerd if you suffer from heartburn related ailments. There are several homemade and easy ways to treat mild and moderate levels of heartburn or acid reflux; you can read more about them by searching on the internet.

If you want to buy a reflux mattress wedge, then you should consider looking up online retail stores because these have loads of varieties that you can choose from and also the prices are quite attractive. You can easily find a mattress wedge which suits your requirements. Hopefully, you will buy a mattress wedge soon.

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