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What Is Pexip and How Does It Compare to Other Video Communication Platforms?

Video communication platforms have quickly become an important piece of technology for every modern business – they improve the way that we collaborate, making it easier for us to connect with people whenever we need to. Due to the recent rise in use, there have been many different options brought to the market, each bringing its own advantages to the table – today we’re going to take a look at Pexip by Kinly, a scalable video conferencing platform designed for enterprise-level use.

What Is Pexip?

In short, Pexip is a video conferencing platform that has uses rooted in enterprise use – this isn’t a platform you’d be likely to use in a social setting, instead tailoring to the needs of the professional business world. Kinly are a Pexip Gold Partner with vast experience with integrating and utilising the service, so you can be sure that your Pexip experience touches all the bases when it comes to video conferencing. Pexip has been recognised as a visionary in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, which is the world’s most influential market analysis for IT buyers – this speaks to the true potential that the platform offers.

What Are The Benefits?

Pexip provides businesses with a wealth of different benefits, which combine to create a pleasant, effective, and streamlined conferencing environment that’s built to encourage efficient work for all.

First of all, Pexip is completely flexible, which means it can be adjusted to suit your requirements and technology. This flexibility also enables you to integrate your video conferencing system into your Pexip usage, allowing you to seamlessly connect users operating using Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts Meet. By bringing together these users in one common space, you allow everyone to utilise the tools they’re most familiar with, without the technical hiccups that are commonly faced.

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Pexip provides high quality calling across platforms, ensuring that your meetings, video calls, and conferences are able to remain professional, clean, and polished at all times. It is also scalable which means that you can add capacities as your needs change without having to deal with multiple deployments and complex licensing processes – the centralised system allows you to affect change across your network instantly.

Pexip’s security features are also a huge benefit, providing your company with enhanced safety protocols that keep your data and private information safe. Pexip’s security facilities are very advanced, so you are better protected against the hacks, leaks, and malfunctions that are all too common with other platforms.

Within the Pexip interface, there is a wide variety of features that allow you to customise your experience to best suit you. The virtual meeting rooms and personal video meeting rooms allow you to create a space that can be tailored to each individual user featuring company branding and other aesthetic features that bring an extra degree of professionalism to proceedings. Elsewhere, the simple conference controls allow you to easily manage and control participants using PINs for hosts and guests, volume and mic control, and more technical adjustments that ensure that your meetings flow productively. Once you’ve created your VMR, you’ll find that group chats and video calls are incredibly simple and intuitive, with users able to join from mobile, desktop, or web browsers – it’s completely flexible!

If you’re hosting a session that you’d like recorded or broadcasted, that’s easy within Pexip’s VMRs – support is offered for a range of streaming platforms, meaning you can stream straight from Pexip. Content sharing is another bonus offered within the collaborative tool, with two-way content sharing also enabled to enhance presentations and teamwork exercises.

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With benefits to enhance every business’ collaborative processes, Pexip is a fantastic tool to integrate into your workplace – contact Kinly today to find out how you can best utilise the tools and platforms available today!