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Macroeconomic studies the behavior & performance of economy. It focuses on fluctuations in the gross domestic product (GDP), business cycle phases, employment rate and rate of inflation, level of government debt, money supply, and short-term & long-term effects of trends and changes in the measures. Macroeconomics study that have different areas of research different disciplines understanding the long-run economic factors of growth followed by accepting the causes & consequences of short-run fluctuations in national income. Corporations and government analyze macroeconomic simulations for formulating of economic along with monetary and fiscal policy.

According to study, “Vietnam Macroeconomic Comprehensive Report Q4/2019” macroeconomics is the system connects the countless policies, resources, and technologies that leads to economic development happen. Aggregate demand & supply, saving inflation/deflation, economic growth unemployment trade cycle and international trade economic planning (Fiscal policy/Monetary Policy) are some of major concerns for any nation. It also explains the working of economy behavior of entities like firms, households and the government. It assists in preparing economic plans for development in international comparison. Policy-makers formulating macro-economic policies such as monetary policy, fiscal policy, industrial policy, exchange rate policy, income policy, etc. The economic dynamism and complicated inter connection among macroeconomic variable, such as price level, income, output and employment also governs the economic development.

Macroeconomic factors are critical in shaping landscape within factors (such as labor and capital) and product markets operations. They also have a critical influence on decisions associated to companies which produce, employment, export or import goods. The factors also examine household decisions to invest in infrastructure, education and many other aspects of development. These long-term trends are compounded by the fact that the external conditions faced by economies in the regions become less favorable.

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Macroeconomic guidelines comprise of taxes, government spending and borrowing, exchange rate determinants, and monetary and credit rules. The main objective of effective macroeconomic policies is to decrease doubt and risk in economic decision-making. An unchanging macroeconomic situation enhances predictions for growth and enhanced living standards.

Macroeconomics factors studies the difficulties related to employment and unemployment. Functions of money and theories relating to it, banks and other financial institutions part of its study. Macroeconomics studies trade among different countries. Theory of international trade, tariff, protection etc. is subjects of great meaning to macroeconomics. Some of the key developing challenges in general economic management comprise of the accurate collection of statistics and data, the improvement of economic growth and structural revolution in a rapidly-changing world, developing appropriate fiscal management strategies, and the special cases of countries rich in natural resources and those affected by any conflicts. Rise in economic standards provides the basis for expanding incomes and employment and the resources needed by government financing programs for social uplift. Such growth is most effective when it provides opportunities to all segments to participate in the growth progression, and sustainable in ensuring that takes from nature whatever is required and should not disadvantage future generations.

Vietnam’s tying up of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) are some of the key free trade agreements in the recent time creating new opportunities to further stimulate exports. The preferential tax as well as other supported sources has also led to attracting new FDIs in different sectors.

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