Vipul Vaibhav Reviews About CA Final Exam Test Series

Hi, I am Vipul Vaibhav from Rourkela, Odisha (though native to Bihar). I am a chartered accountant from Rourkela. Earlier I was interested in Government jobs, Banking and SSC CGL were on top of my list after b com. They don’t need much intensive hard work compared to Chartered accountancy exams. All you need is smart work. I started my preparation from March 1st week after filling ICAI exam forms with a target of clearing exam in first go. Though I would at times think that it would be very difficult as the tentative date of exams was on 2nd May. But I tried to calm myself, as my basics were clear, and I just needed to improve my speed and accuracy. And finally, I qualified ca exams.

CA final Exams

Group 1 = 241
Group 2 = 217

Coming to My Preparation Strategy.

1) CA Final 1st Group:

My FR exam was on 2nd may. From the very first day, I started with giving 1 mock tests of catestseries in the morning. The rest of the whole day, I would analyze my performance and solve the leftover questions of the mock papers throughout the day. In this way, I would do a total of 20-25 questions a day. And that is what you need for ca final financial reporting exam.

After 10 days maybe, I was able to figure out my strong and weak points in all the topics. Very less time was left in my hand, so I just selected those topics in which I was good or average and made a calculation that by doing all these I will be able to secure exemption.

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During ca test series mock tests, I would always attempt these parts only and would secure somewhere between 18-25 during my final stages of preparation depending upon the toughness of mock test.

And by the end, I gave almost 8-9 mocks. In this way, finally, I went for the first group ca final exams. My tip to future CA aspirants is that work smart as you are not supposed to solve 100/100. Just make sure that you are 100% prepared for 75% of the questions in exam. And mock papers of ca online test series will motivate you by providing you rank

2) Group 2 CA Final Exams:

The biggest challenge for me was to shift my level up for all, viz, AMA, ISCA, DT and IDT. I chose the same strategy and started giving 1 mock daily. But I did a blunder and which I realized later that ISCA can’t be prepared like that, one must essentially study capsules and ICAI practice manual resources which I missed. Though I tried to make it up in last 4-5 days by reading summary material but couldn’t make it. So finally, I ended up scoring 44 in ISCA.

Fortunately, by giving almost 7 mocks papers of catestseries, I was used to handling shocks and it helped me during my mains exam. I didn’t panic when I saw that exam paper was tougher than what I expected.
My tip to 2nd group ca final would be to focus on Indirect tax laws as it’s easy to score but do not neglect amendments.

Most Essential: CA TEST SERIES

In all, as you have noticed that the only thing I did was practicing and giving mocks. And CA test series helped me a lot in that by providing best quality test series with no errors and hence most reliable. They provide the test a bit tougher than the actual exam so that you can handle shocks as ca final icai exams is popular for giving that.

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Thank you!
All the best to all the aspirants!

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