Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence

Virtual reality is a syntax environment that is created in the software and users are presented in such a manner that suspend user’s suspension and accept them as a real world environment. On a computer through internet service provider, virtual reality is basically tested through two pointing’s: vision and sound. The easiest source of virtual reality is a three-dimensional image that can be interactive on a personal computer, usually by adding a button or mouse to move or zoom or zoom in a specific direction. The more complex work is around display, a real room with a computer, and a compilation device that looks like the way you can see the picture.

Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology with the internet service provider to create synthetic environments. Contrary to the traditional user interface, VR experiences users. Instead of seeing the screen ahead of them, users are transitioned to the process of interacting with the 3D world. As many sight, hearing, touch, and even smell, the computer will become the owner of the door of this artificial world.

Virtual Reality can be divided into:

• Strengthen the real environment of training and education.

• Create an imaginary environment for sports or interactive stories.

After all, the entertainment industry is billions of dollars. There are many other serious applications for virtual reality. Virtual facts can create new and interesting discoveries in those areas that affect our daily lives.

Virtual Reality enables us to take a virtual threat to get the real world experience. As virtual reality is reduced and it becomes more mainstream, you can expect more serious use, such as education or productivity applications. Virtual reality and its cousin increase the fact in fact we can interface the way the interface with digital technology dramatically. Continue the humanity trend of the technology.

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Virtual Reality System Features

There are several types of Virtual Reality systems, but they have the same features, such as the ability to allow people to view three dimensional pictures. These images look real to people.

In addition, when people move to their environment, they change, which are related to changes in their perspective. The goal is to have smooth connections between human head and eyes movement and proper answer, such as visual change. It ensures that the virtual environment is both realistic and pleasant

When people search for surroundings, virtual environments should be properly answered in real time. Problems occur when there is a delay between a person’s behavior and the system’s response or delay, hence stop his experience. This person felt that he was in an artificial environment and was adjusted according to his behavior, which spoke of a mosquito, mechanical form. This purpose is a natural, free flow form that leads to an unforgettable experience.

Virtual reality is the creation of a virtual environment, which offers us in such a way as we were there. It uses many technologies to achieve this goal, and it is a technically complicated matter that we consider our thoughts and thoughts. It’s both hearty and serious. Technology is cheaper and affordable. We can expect more advanced technological uses in the future, perhaps primarily we interact and work together.

About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, is a digital computer or control robot capable of usually performing intelligent biological work through internet service provider. This term is often used to develop intellectual processes systematic schemes with human characteristics, such as argument, discovery, and summary, learning from past or past experiences. Since the development of digital computers in the 1940s, computers have been able to perform very complex tasks.

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Despite computer processing and the increasing speed of memory, there is currently no program that can be found in a wide range of field or work with human flexibility, which requires a lot of daily knowledge. On the other hand, some programs have demonstrated the performance of human expertise and some business professionals, so it can be limited to working hard in many applications like medical evaluation, computer search engines, and speech or writing identification.

Artificial Intelligent, Computer is a way of thinking about human thinking about robots or products. Artificial intelligence is that there is a way to study how human mind works while trying to think, learn, decide, and solve problems. Finally, this study creates an intelligent software system. Artificial intelligence aims to improve human knowledge-related computer functions, such as reasoning, learning, and troubleshooting.

Artificial Intellectual Research aims to have reason for attitudes, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, and moving and moving items. General intelligence department keeps long-term goals.

Methods include data modes, computing intelligence, and traditional coding AIs. We use many tools on data, accountability, and economics based on research and mathematical correction, and internet service provider, and AI research methods. Computer Science draws artificial intelligence into science, mathematics, psychology, philosophy and philosophy fields.

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