Visit Dallas Golf Company for Ping Golf Club Shafts

Any list of top of the line golf clubs and shafts is going to include Ping Golf Club Shafts. A lot of this comes down to user preference, but on any given list you’re going to see names like TaylorMade, Callaway, and Ping. Every golf club shaft manufacturer is going to advertise its laurels in the realm of technological innovation and in superior construction – but when it comes to a custom fit, Ping golf club shafts have the market nearly cornered.

There’s no doubt Ping has made some great strides in technological innovation, just like many other golf equipment manufacturers. For example, their G410 family of drivers feature movable weight technology. These drivers feature an extremely high-density tungsten back weight that can be moved into three separate positions to affect ball flight and trajectory so you can tune your swing to the conditions on the course.

In some classes, Ping merges visual appeal and performance, as in their Heppler Putters, are remarkable not only for their visual allure but for their construction. Models like the Tomcat 14 feature alignment dots that help you frame the ball and track the putt before even making contact. It’s a wonder not only of design but of innovation – in fact, it takes its inspiration from runway lights.

Most would agree, however, that Ping golf shafts are most notable for their fit. Ping has a several step process that starts with an interview to determine your reasons for shopping for a new club or a set of clubs and progresses through several other stages in which you are statically fitting and then dynamically fitting to ensure a perfect fit and swing.

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While that is really only practical during an in-person fitting, it does offer a fit like no other. We recognize that it also presents certain challenges to online shoppers of custom golf club shafts, particularly if they are shopping through used options. There is a solution, however.

If you’re looking for Ping golf club shafts and want the ideal fit, visit Dallas Golf Company at DallasGolf.com. The first reason they can help you out is through their impressive collection of Ping golf club shafts. Whether you happen to be looking for a Ping Driver, Putter, Iron or any of their other clubs to round out your catalog, they have what you need. Moreover, you can find them with steel or graphite shafts, depending on your preference in strength, responsiveness, flexibility, and weight.

There’s another reason you should check out Dallas Golf Company if you’re shopping for Ping golf club shafts online, and that has to do with what we hailed Ping for in the first place. Ping is known for a custom fit, and at Dallas Golf Company you can use their shaft fitting tool online to help you find the shafts that are the best possible fit for you. It takes into account your preferences in weight and launch height, as well as your swing speed and your distance off the tee.

Even better, you can visit their retail shop in Dallas, Texas and take advantage of their professional club fitting services to uncover the club shafts that will really fit you ideally. Of course, you might just be looking for Ping golf club shafts and already know the ideal specifications for your game, in which case you can find the Ping club shafts you want right on their site, and at great prices as well. Visit their website, DallasGolf.com, to get started, whether it’s with an online fitting or to find the Ping club shafts you set out for in the first place.

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