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How to Travel to the U.S. under a Tight Budget

The United States, based on the landmass and population, is the world’s 3rd largest country on the planet. It is a federal republic comprising 50 states. Forty-eight of these states are between Mexico and Canada. Alaska neighbors Canada and Hawaii nestle in the mid-Pacific.

Is traveling to the U.S cheap?

Regardless of which U.S country you opt to visit these coming holidays, there are ways on how you can travel minimizing costs. 

Traveling to the U.S is not cheap. It might be one of the costliest trips you will ever experience. Anything that you might want to experience or see from the islands of Hawaii to the northern lights of Alaska will cost reasonably expensive. However, knowing the right tips can cut your expenses in half. 

Different Ways on How You Can Minimize Expenses When Traveling in the U.S

One thing that you put extra effort into when planning an overseas trip is reducing travel expenses as you can. Visa, air tickets, accommodation, and your itinerary are the ones that mostly cut your budget. Here are some great easy to follow tips so that you will not incur more additional expenses along the way.

  1. Get yourself a USA sim card before your travel date.

Using your international cell phone overseas can cost you hefty roaming charges. It is advisable to turn off your data roaming while traveling in a foreign land. But be sure to always have your USA sim card with you in case you need to make calls or connect to the internet with reliable speed.

  1. Make sure you are aware of the location before booking for your accommodation.
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When booking for your hotels, it is advisable to look near the local subway, bus, or other means to go from one place to another. Transportation adds up in expenses quickly, so you might want to stay in a central location. Ideally, where groceries, public transit, and excellent tourist spots are within walking distance.

  1. Travel during the offseason

Expect hotels, resorts, airlines to raise their prices significantly when peak holiday in the U.S is a few months away. Most places of interest are usually overcrowded and packed with vendors selling more than usual. May to September is the peak time for tourists to visit the U.S, in general, Spring and Fall are the best time to travel here.

  1. Familiarize and embrace bus travel

Greyhound or also known as The Dirty Dog is a famous and a cheap way to traverse places in America. They also offer a 20 percent student discount or friend price break that saves up to 50 percent. Greyhound buses also store luggage 24 hours at selected stops while you explore places.

  1. Look for free walking tours.

Free walking tours are around the corners of the United States. All you need is a cell phone and a USA sim card for decent internet connection speed for you to browse for an ongoing tour in TourRadar or other travel apps. It is an excellent idea if you are on a tight budget. These tour guides are freelancers who are passionate about sharing the insides of the city. Do not forget to hand over tips to show appreciation.

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In addition to these top 5 ways on how you can cheaply travel in the USA, there are also other useful ways for you to reduce your expenses. It can be traveling with companions, carpooling, or use couch surfing for low costs in accommodation. Either way, with enough research, you can visit the U.S at a reasonable price.

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