Vital Features in a Restaurant Mobile App

Restaurant application has been on the rise for quite some times. It lets users order directly from their favorite restaurants while staying at their homes or favorite spots. Restaurant applications can help users eat a delicious meal even when they don’t want to get out of their beds or feeling lazy to drive to a restaurant.

If you are looking ahead to getting a restaurant management app to cater to your customers’ needs, you can simply connect with a professional mobile app development company.  A mobile app enables you to take your restaurant business to new heights of success by offering your customers an advanced, well-crafted, and efficient food ordering system. A restaurant app needs to have a responsive restaurant app design, User-friendly interface multi-payment integration, and fast market entry with stellar features and smart marketing strategies.

Businesses today cannot survive without strong visibility over the web and online. The easy accessibility and visibility are vital. Therefore, for a business to be successful, it is crucial to have a strong online and offline presence in as many ways as possible. With amazing user experience and minimal design strategy, a mobile app can do similar wonders for you. Investing in a restaurant mobile app can combine all the necessary tools you need to make your restaurant business a sure-fire hit. These are some popular features for a restaurant mobile app that can surely help you grow.

Social media login

Social media integration is something that cannot be ignored at all nowadays. Social media needs to be included in the app for both login and sharing features. Users can sign up for their restaurant app directly using their social media accounts like including Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and others. They can also directly share their favorite orders or discounts on their social media accounts.

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Restaurant app users can view the menu with different food categories, item names, ingredients, prices, and more. A menu needs to be clear and easy to navigate. It should be enticing for users to go through the menu and choose their favorite food. Make sure the menu is not messy or dysfunctional when users tap on it. The app should run in a smooth way so that the users do not get frustrated during placing an order and don’t leave the cart abandoned.


An important feature of a restaurant mobile app is easy search and navigation options. There are many different food categories to choose from. Users can go to the search bar and look for their favorite food items and cuisine. Moreover, they can also make an enhanced search by applying different filters among sweet dishes, main courses, drinks, and more.

Order tracking

After placing the order, users should be able to track their orders right from the restaurant to their delivery address. This keeps users informed and satisfied with their orders and delivery. This way, they don’t call the restaurant again and again when they are able to track their order on their own using the app.

Favorite order

Mostly, you like something from a restaurant, and you always order that food whenever you place an order from that particular restaurant. So, the ability to mark favorite food or restaurant can help users a lot in placing their order easily and quickly. They can go to favorite orders and place a quick order. They should also see frequently ordered food in the app.

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In a state like the U.S, where people of different languages and cultures live, an app with several global languages can provide added convenience. To cater to a broader audience, you can integrate popular languages like English, Spanish Mandarin, and others in the app. it is an added convenience for the app user.

Discounts and offers

To let more and more people learn about your app, offer promotions and special discounts for your app. Besides this, restaurants and food businesses offer special discounts on special events and occasions. Users would receive special discounts and offers via push notifications or SMS and use them as per their convenience. This boost sale and increase efficiency.


Easy payment options are key to successful orders. The app needs to be integrated with several payment gateways, and users should be able to use multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and other online payment methods.

Rate and Review

Customers should be able to rate and review food when they place an order. They can rate the food quality and taste, restaurant management, and delivery experience directly via the application. They should also be able to offer additional feedback to help improve service and quality.


Push notifications are an added convenience in a mobile app. A restaurant business can make the most of this feature and let users know about the new addition, discounts, and promotions. Notifications update customers with the order and delivery status, discounts, offers, promotions, and greetings.

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