New Zealand Dedicated Server

Ways in Which a New Zealand Dedicated Server Can be Advantageous for Your Blog

New Zealand Dedicated Server

Going for New Zealand Dedicated Server hosting can prove to be highly beneficial for your business blog especially if you are looking to take your business to great heights of success.

Introducing and maintaining a business blog proves to be one of the most effective ways of boosting business and improving the SEO rankings of a business website. Still, it is necessary for you to ensure that the business blog you are dealing with has its very own dedicated server hosting in the same way as your site has. While it might be quite tempting to go for free web hosting solutions for business blogs but always keep in mind that you will be served in a better way if you have your very own dedicated server in New Zealand.

Benefits of Hosting a Blog on a Dedicated Server

There are many service providers like Onlive Server that offer different varieties of dedicated server alternatives to perfectly suit the requirements of business blogs. Of course, if your website is already being hosted by a server hosting company, the only thing you need to do is add your company blog to the existing hosting solution. You even have the option of upgrading your storage requirements or bandwidth for accommodating the blog as required. If you still do not consider dedicated server hosting to be highly beneficial for your business blog, take a look at some benefits below:

Complete Security and Peace of Mind

It is quite likely for you to be at ease thinking that your business blog might not be prone to scams and cyber-attacks. But once your blog is a victim of such issues, the whole thing might take you by surprise. Remember, all it takes to bring a company’s blog server down is a DDoS attack. This can have a major influence on your SEO hard work.

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It makes good sense to have the blog of the company on a completely dedicated server featuring its very own layers of protection and security. Dedicated servers in New Zealand are located in Auckland and they come loaded with a great many features. These include Intel Xeon processors, 2 x1 TB SATA storage, 4 CPU cores, unlimited bandwidth with 200 Mbps, 2.80 GHz CPU speed and 64 GB RAM.

Control panel options include Plesk and DirectAdmin while operating system alternatives are Linux and Windows. By getting your business blog hosted on such dedicated servers, you will have complete security and peace of mind knowing that you would not be the victim of scams and cyber-attacks. There are providers that also offer unpaid DDoS protection with their dedicated server hosting deals.

Improved Experience for the Users

There are no uptime guarantees offered with free hosting options. If you are going for free services, be assured of your site and blog going down anytime. This will ultimately bring down the interest of the users in your blog and your site. However, this situation can be avoided by going for a dedicated server. You get greater reliability with dedicated servers resulting in better browsing experience for the visitors.

Some frequently asked questions in this regard are as follows:

Are satisfied visitors loyal customers?

Yes, they are but only if they get a good browsing experience on your site that is hosted on a dedicated server.

Are our customization options available with dedicated server hosting solutions?

Yes, you get to customize your business blog the way you want by going for dedicated server hosting.

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What are the customization options offered?

Take, for instance, you get to decide on the amount of bandwidth you require; type of users who can visit your blog and complete control on other aspects of hosting?

How is the experience of hosting a blog on a dedicated server?

It is enjoyable and fruitful at the same time.

Do I get the best advantages of dedicated server hosting?

Yes, the advantages that come from dedicated server hosting are the best. They are unmatched with the benefits of VPS and that too within the most affordable rates.

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