Ways to Celebrate Diwali in an Eco Friendly Way

Diwali is a great Indian festival and if you are thinking about how to actually celebrate without crackers, there’s a lot that you can do for an eco-friendly Diwali. We have to understand that all the disturbance brought by crackers can be upsetting for older individuals, babies, and animals on the streets. Alongside that, there is a ton of ecological pollution that happens because of the fumes of the crackers. Yes, we know that Diwali is a celebration of lights! It is the festival of good over bad, marking the arrival of Lord Ram after he defeated Ravana. 

As per the tradition, individuals light lamps, diyas, and candles to kick off the celebrations, but over the years, the blasting of crackers has taken control over different traditions. The air quality index, the noise levels, and other important things are being affected by crackers. So, here are some of the ways to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way.


As Rangoli is an essential aspect of the Diwali decorations, why not decide on to go with natural rangoli colours than with harmful synthetic ones? While making rangoli designs, try to utilize home-made colours. You can likewise utilize bloom petals to add to your Rangoli design and textures. These are eco-friendly and will give your Rangoli a great look.

Earthen Lamps

While Diwali shopping, there are a wide range of Diwali lights and diyas which are there for us to purchase. Well, rather than these why not go for earthen diyas this time? Placing or hanging them in different spots around the house gives your home an extremely natural and exquisite feel. Dump those over the top electric stylistic items and go exemplary with Earthen lamps for Diwali decoration this year.

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Sky Lanterns

Say complete NO to crackers and get all the kids of the society to take nature walks at evening time and praise this festival of lights by lighting sky lanterns or lamps maybe on the porch or in an open space. Fill the balloons with glitters or little bits of colourful papers and go through the night bursting them, giving it a cracker feel.

Healthy Gifts

Although the market is filled with a lot of sweets and gifts for your friends and family, you should consider giving something eco-friendly. You can go for gifts like Diwali dry fruits gift pack, indoor plants, DIY gifts, etc. You can get these gifts easily from an online gifting portal.


Diwali means a great deal of local gatherings both hosting them and joining in. During such festivals, since there are a large number of dishes which would need to be washed, many people go for disposable plates, which are bad for the environment. Rather than this, you should go for biodegradable plates and glasses this time which is an eco-friendly choice. Banana leaf plates, bamboo plates, etc. are the ones you can opt for.

So, these were the different things you can work on this coming Diwali to celebrate it with full joy and happiness in an eco-friendly way. Wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali!

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