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How To Get Google Adsense Approval In A Simple Way

Do you have a website? If yes then you can earn through it. There are tons of ways you can earn through your website. However, one of the most common is getting paid through ads. The big name in the ads for websites is Google Adsense. Most of the people don’t know how to get the website approved by Google Adsense. Here how to get Google Adsense approval in a simple way. However, before we move to the main part we recommend that you check your website content. If your content seems a bit off it can turn into a really big hurdle afterward. Taking Professional Content Writing Services is one way to solve content problems.

Adsense moderators always support those blogs who have met up the necessities. First of all, you should make your blog prepared for this process. Check first if your blog contemplates these requirements. Now, there are some opening basic requirements proclaimed by the AdSense team, and there are some known hacks and tricks that work. For instance, on this official page it’s stated that for countries like China & India, publishers need to own the site for at least 6 months, which is not a thumb-rule. Many Indian bloggers have got consent with a one-month-old domain.

High-Quality Content

An old website proverb is “Content is King” if you understand this condition. A high-quality blog is recognized with the high-quality contents. Great contents mean exceptional, ornamented, stated and clear intensive content. Some black hat webmasters say copy-paste content only among 100-200 words is sufficient. However, we think that at least 800-1000 words can somewhat catch traffic. in our judgment, it is not possible to entirely describe a topic in 100-200 words. And if copy-paste content is sufficient, anyone can state him as a blogger. Please bear in mind, Google AdSense doesn’t support blogs with copy-pasted copyright content. A well-optimized blog post has to be 100% unique. So, always write blog posts beyond this limit and it must be exceptional which visibly determines the post topic.

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Optimize Blog Post

Optimize your exclusive blog post with Meta Title and Description Tag. The Meta tags define what the content is about to the crawler bots. It is not conceivable for the AdSense reporting board to check every single site that has applied to get Adsense support. So, definitely, they will use their crawler bots. The bots will see for every footmark on your blog.  That’s why you should make certain that you have detailed these tags with suitable information.

Please bear in mind that your Meta Title should be among 50 characters (including spaces), and Meta Description should be among 156 characters (including spaces). If you are using podiums like WordPress or Blogger then search for the appropriate info.

Sufficient Contents

You must lead to adequate contents or posts on every page and category. In entire, you should have 15-30 blog posts on your whole site. This is not an official statement. But, we recommend everyone to at least have it. So, you should have at least 3-4 posts in every group, tag and page. Google Adsense said that we must have adequate contents on every single web page. So, we should add subjects to all pages and categories. There shouldn’t be any blank page without any content. And these poles have to pass the smallest length of 500-600 words as it is the finest blog post length. The more you grow the length, the more you go to to get Google Adsense approval.

Blog Domain Should Be Least 6 Months Old

Here is the official statement from the AdSense team: In some locations, comprising China and India, we need publishers to have possessed their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to safeguard the quality of our advertising network and defend the interests of our promoters and existing publishers.


Some blog domains could get agreed to have less old than six months. Even, you can get your Adsense account with just a two-month-old domain. Can you visualize? But, the regular domain age for certain geo-location should be six months.

Choose Content Images

Google Adsense doesn’t like blogs if they top to copyrighted contents. Copyrighted signifies the things that have been copied from others directory without their consent. And we make an error whenever choosing an image. Some folks just go to an image directory, take their appropriate images and upload these on their blogs. Did they ever check if they have consent to use these? The actually sad news is that, most of the webmasters who flop to get Adsense as of this copyrighted law. And this is really produced by copyrighted images.

Have A Nice Design And Blog Structure

A blog structure is the elementary structure of your blog. So, make certain that you have a nice looking header, content area, sidebar, footer, etc. Always consider if the visitors will like the structure. If people like it, Adsense would certainly like it. The first impression of any blog comes with blog design, and you can take benefit of any expert looking templates (free or paid), and employ it on your blog.

Make Sure Your Blog Is Not Blocked

Be definite that your blog is not gridlocked by Google. Adsense will check your blog figures on their search engine. Don’t know how to check it? Just hunt for “” on Google. If you find out search outcomes, your blog is not blocked. But, if you do not, it is congested.

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Don’t Have Adsense Prohibited Content

Adsense has straight told that sites with adult contents, copyrighted contents, drug alcohol-related contents, hacking breaking contents, forceful contents, weapons linked contents and other illegal contents will not be accepted.

Visitors Doesn’t Matter For Approval

For getting Adsense sanctioned, visitors are not a factor. As you will get accepted contingent on your blog quality. Certainly, the Adsense mediator will never check for visitor count. So, don’t fear visitors. But, for producing revenues, you must have sufficient visitors.

Applying For Google Adsense

If you abide by all the above-mentioned tips, you are most probable to get your AdSense application support at the first go. One thing you should know that you will only get approved if you’re older than 18 years old.

This is how you can simply get Google Adsense approval. Just remember better content and superior is the name of the game and you will surely win it. However, writing tons of lengthy quality content can be really difficult. This is where we highly recommend taking professional article writing services to get your website written for an affordable cost. With professional help, you will be content with the worth to publish on your site and you will do your work quicker. Some services get services to enable Google AdSense on your site. Lastly, take care of yourself and good luck with your website.