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A Perfect Vacation With Family Book Your Ticket With WestJet Reservations

My family has always been complaining about my work schedule and how I do not give them enough time. I later realized that they were right the entire time. My work life took over my personal time with my family which made my relations with my children a bit stormy. Every time it was about to be a summer break for kids, they sang about the different places their friends were about to go to. 

Ever since a close friend of mine died I realized that life is priceless and there is much more than just those crips dollars. I wanted to give my wife and kids more time than ever. I told my wife that I have been planning a family vacation to our kid’s favorite destination and she was happier than them.

How to Reach & How to Book Tickets WestJet Reservations?

I wanted the trip to begin in the right and comfortable manner as my children would be traveling with me for which I began researching every single detail. My research ended once I made WestJet reservations. 

At the dinner table, I handed my children the WestJet Booking tickets to Disneyland. 

One tip which you should always keep in mind while traveling with kids is that you must opt for inflight meals as children tend to get hungry quite often. I did the same when I made my WestJet reservations. Not only the service was amazing but the crew was well trained to handle children. 

We landed in Hong Kong and went to the hotel that I booked along with my WestJet reservations. This not only makes the stay options cheap but also hassle-free. 

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A day in Disneyland:

My children were on cloud nine once we were at Disneyland. The priceless expressions on their faces were more worth than my paychecks. As soon as we entered, there were some Disney characters performers dressed as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Winnie-the-Pooh and more. These character performers grabbed the most attention of kids and they were all clustered by children. 

WestJet Reservations
Disney Land

The female Disney characters like Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, Tinker Bell, Elsa were all gathered by sweet little girls. The children there were full of joy and their eyes shined brighter than the stars. 

I bought some candies for the kids and then took them for the rides. 

We began with Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine cars rollercoaster ride which made us feel that a part of mines. 

The next ride was to Orbitron and it was a mini space created for kids. 

Children were full of joy while they were in those mini space ship crafts. 

Must go spots in Disneyland:

Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Space Mountain, UFO Zone, Jungle River Cruise, Iron Man Experience, Mystic Manor, Cinderella Carousel, Fairytale Forest, Frozen Fantasy Garden Village, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, 

WestJet Reservations
Disney Land

I must say when I went to Iron Man Experience, I felt that the inner child me was still alive as I enjoyed a lot with my son. These are moments we live to the fullest and realize that life is too short to waste in just office cabins. 

After those rides, we felt a bit tired so we went to the Fantasy Gardens where we laid on the grass had a mini picnic while munching on some fries and burgers.

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We explored the Karibuni Marketplace at the end and bought some toys and savored our sweet tooth for the one last time.

As much as we enjoyed at Disneyland, we were equally tired. To avoid any last-minute disappointments and confusion when I made the WestJet reservations I made sure to book the return tickets as well. When my wife was busy on the laptop to book the return tickets, I handed her the WestJet Booking to return home. I must say it does not take that much to be a good father and a husband than an employee. In the rat race of earning more money, we forget to cherish what we’ve got and lived freely.

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