What are 5 interesting facts about Italy?

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Italy, a South Central European country, occupies an island that rotates in the Mediterranean Sea. Italy contains the most numerous and natural scenes in the earth, often described as a country in the form of a boot. The Alps have grown in their peak, which are among the world’s largest mountains. The highest point of view in Italy is Monte Rosa, the highest point in Switzerland, and Mont Blanc, which has the highest view in France. The Western Alps ignore the landscapes of the Alpine lakes and glaciers located on Pope and Piedmont. Tuscany is probably the most famous area in the south of the south of the Castle. From central Alps, which expands the entire length of the country, the radiation extends to the entire width of almost Italian island of Rome. South of the Roman, ions are tight and thrown by the beaches of two broad beaches, facing a transgenic sea and another Adriatic ocean is facing. Most of the low Anion China is near the jungle and hosts different types of species that are unusual in Western Europe, such as wild riders, wolves, squares and berries. South Asian is also unstable, including hunger and steam in the air with many active volcanoes, including vivacious, which have since been nipples and its island-wide bell. On the foot of the country, the Mediterranean islands in the sea, Sicily and Syrians are the islands.

Italian food is very famous

Some say that the Italians have taught us all to cook in the rest of Europe, and I think this means that true. The Italian food is spread throughout the world in Europe and the United States.

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Home of the largest universities in the world

Education was also a central part of Italian culture and society. And they can claim to be one of the oldest universities in the world. The University of Boololia was set around 1000 and is still a well-known university thousand years later.

Discover natural and ground edge

In many countries, snow Alps can cause beautiful lakes, sunshine beaches, vineyards, mountains, island and a wonderful beach. One of my favorite places is a beautiful lake in Showroom Valley. Italy is something for everyone, and driving through the country in a few days, you can experience many different scenes.

Italy is the most popular country in Europe

Italy is fifth among the European population, with an overall population of around 61 million. Depending on the land area, however, it is only the 10th largest country in Europe.

Over 30% of the Italians do not use the Internet

Obviously, it applies primarily to old generations and is a trend that can be seen in different countries. However, at the age of digital, more than 30% of them are notable. A study from 2017 shows that 40% does not use the Internet. However, between 14 and 34, more than 92% said that they used to use the Internet every day. So how to call Italy if we want to connect with friends.

How to call Italy from another country is with Italian country code 39. Italy can make international calls expensive. However, you can reduce the call calling abroad using a phonecard, interact with your mobile service provider at international rates, or download the mobile app. Connect to the wireless network first to avoid roaming charges with the mobile app. When Italy dialing, be sure to dial 011 (area code) and 39 (country code) before entering the party’s phone number.

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