What Are Cassock Robes and Where Can I Find Them?

If you are shopping for clergy vestments by proxy and aren’t particularly well versed in their origin or use, all these atypical names for vestments can get somewhat confusing. Actually, they can get very confusing, really. What’s the difference between a robe and a cassock? You may have even heard them styled as Cassock Robes in the first place. What about a robe and a preaching jacket? And where is the line drawn between what makes a clergy shirt and what makes a clergy robe? How about stoles? Tippets? Cinctures? There is a lot to learn and become familiar with, not only in terms of style but also in how the vestments are worn, when and by whom.

Cassock robes, in particular, are one of the more commonly encountered vestments in the church. Just what are cassock robes then, and when are they appropriate? Well, there are no universal rules on this matter, but there are some conventions.

Originally, cassock robes were not only for the ordained to wear. At first, the garment, which in general resembles a long robe, was reserved for those who could afford to wear one, typically members of the clergy and noblemen. It was a long robe that was sometimes lined with fur to keep the wearer warm. The length helped to distinguish it from the shorter tunics and jackets worn by many laypeople. Over time, fashions among the nobles and the lay people changed, but traditions became more and more concreted within ranks of certain sects of the church. Eventually, we came by cassock robes as they are known today.

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Over the centuries, proclamations within the church began to more tightly restrict what clergy members could and could not wear. Cassock robes often appear in black and with minimal decoration. The color is simple and does not belie material wealth. Moreover, the color black has traditionally been used as a reminder to the members of the church that their duties are secular as well as divine. After many years, the simple cassock robes that we know today took on a relatively widespread appeal without changing much, and they still often appear in black.

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