What Are Foods That Beat a Multivitamin?

Are you taking multivitamin tablets? These will be done mostly the women in the time of pregnancy or any other situations. According to some recent research, the women who had taken a more multivitamin supplement is suffered from some serious health issues which never cured even she treated in specialist hospitals.

Suppose if you are taking it, make sure to stop and eat a healthy diet by taking advice from the doctor which produce your vitamins from natural food. 

If suppose in a critical situation, your doctor may suggest you take magnesium, calcium, and iron supplements. You can consume that but make sure to take frequently without avoiding them. There are best multivitamin tablets in india to order online which are also take to get multivitamins.

Most of the times in people, these multivitamins are passed through the body, in the form of toilet. And some vitamins, like vitamin A, will be removed in fat-soluble, that means your body will save more fat. In that case, using a multivitamin which contains A be dangerous that may lead to overdose.

Have a look on healthy foods which consider higher quantities of specific nutrients which are in multivitamin supplements. Consuming more healthy food may produce your nutrition that every person needs without raising any dangers in health issues.

Some Of The Foods Which Replace Multivitamins Are:


It is one which common food to consume in most of the countries. If you want iodine deficiency, you can take this seaweed. Also, the person with a deficiency of iodine may cause severe thyroid problems, especially in adults.

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During the pregnancy, the women will be loss of iodine that may lead to enhancing the abnormalities and mental delay in your child. Various types of this seaweed, including wakame, kelp, nori and kombu, are rich in iodine. Few seaweed, like kelp, are extremely powerful in iodine which are recommended to eat daily. 


It is one which healthiest foods which is prepared with kale which is rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary to function the clotting of blood properly and performs apart during the formation of your bone. If you take just one cup, you get nearly 900 per cent intake about vitamin K, simultaneously with various other nutrients.

Brazil Nuts:

Selenium is necessary for many bodily processes, to function the immune system and thyroid function. So, if you are a lack of selenium, then take Brazil nuts which is rich in that.

Just one big Brazil nut may produce 95 micrograms of this selenium! Well, it eliminates any lack to use a multivitamin to take selenium. Make sure to put some Brazil nuts with you to eat in the office in a quick snack break which gives nutrition anytime.

If you are thinking to get weight loss then take garcinia Cambogia which are best. According to researchers, garcinia Cambogia reviews are better which used by most of them.

Yellow Bell Peppers:

Most of the people don’t know that the vegetables are also considered excellent sources in vitamin C. Yes, the yellow peppers are consist of vitamin C, which is soluble in water. It is important to take every day to get the vitamins that you need.

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In earlier days, the lack of vitamin C is common. It is called scurvy, which is very rare now due to people are taking these yellow bell pepper. 

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