What Are The Eligibility and Policy For Australia Immigration

In India, Australia’s PR visa is one of the most sought after ways for the immigrants who want a better standard of living and social benefits in exchange for their skill. And that’s why; they keep visiting the Australia Immigration Consultants In Delhi to know their scope. The immigration process is a point system depending on the eligibility of the profiles.

As the demand for skilled workers is quite high these days, there are ample of opportunities. The shortage of manpower drives the skilled migrants to Australia. For that reason, the official immigration department has made the whole process so transparent and clear by providing policies and guidelines. Whenever the aspirants fulfill all the policies and meet the eligibility, the scope of Australian PR Visa approval is quite high. 

Eligibility for Australia Immigration:

There are certain criteria decided by the Australian Immigration department upon which the Australia Immigration Consultants In Delhi will analyze the profile of the aspirants. Check out the following points here:

  • Occupation: There are specific occupations that are nominated under the General Skilled Migration Program. Those occupations must be included in the Skilled Occupation List or Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List of Australia. The applicants with those specific occupations will earn the points. 
  • Age: The age of the applicants at the time of application is another important score factor. As per the table applicants, age between 25 and 32 will have maximum points.
  • English language proficiency: Most of the Skillselect applicants need to appear for the International English Language Testing System Test. The applicants who have a territorial degree from any recognized university that has English as the main language may not have to appear for the test.
  • Skilled employment: The experiences of the applicant as the skilled employees for the nominated occupation list fetch points for them. 
  • Educational qualification: The points will be awarded for the highest qualification degree only. Moreover, the qualification must be related to the applicant’s nomination program.
  • Australian qualification: 5 points will be awarded to the applicant if they have completed an Australian qualification.
  • Regional Study: Another 5 points will be awarded in case the applicants meet the requirement of a two-year study while living in a regional Australian metropolitan area.
  • Community language skill: Another 5 points will be for the people who have the translator or interpreter level skill for the Australian community language. 
  • Spouse Skills and Qualification: The skill of your spouse or partner (if they are not Australian citizens) who is included in the application will be count as the point.  
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