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What Are The Things To Do In London?

1. See the city from above on the London Eye

Overlooking Westminster, a lively neighbourhood in the area, Coca Cola London Eye is a renowned London sightseeing spot. On the busy Thames River, you can take a tour, from the House of Parliament to St Paul’s Cathedral, that takes you high above the town with a wonderful view over the most renowned sites in the capital. You can go on Holidays to London from Dubai for less cost.

2. Admire the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London

See Crown Jewels, one of Britain’s greatest jewels! Tour London’s iconic Kings and Queens ‘ Palace, the Tower of London; encounter raves who, legend says, have their choice of residence in the capital’s fate and discover fascinating stories from the history of London! You will be led by one of the Yeoman Warders, known as Beefeaters, who guards the Tower.

3. Walk up high across Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge crosses the Thames next to the Tower of London, one of London’s most iconic buildings. There are two London attractions easily accessible in one day. Take the tour to learn about the history of the bridge, look out at the high bridges and go down to the base of the bridge and find out how it works.

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4. Touch the clouds at the View from the Shard

Take the top of Western Europe’s tallest building with super-fast lifts and look to London at 306 m. Below you are London’s emblematic sights – and you’ll see the town from a totally new viewpoint if you visit in the evening!

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5. Marvel at the heritage in Westminster Abbey

The Gothic spires of Westminster Abbey are a sight to see as one of the most spectacular historic places to visit in London. Across centuries it was the subject of royal ceremonies: from coronation to royal marriages and funeral ceremonies. Go inside and admire the majestic interior and the tombs of kings and poets from the vaulted ceilings and the crowning stone chair.

6. Visit London’s best-known icon: Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most well-known landmarks in London. It is part of the Westminster’s Palace, the headquarters of the House of the Commons, a Gothic clock tower, and the British Government’s office. Within no space of time you can learn that “Big Ben” is actually the name of the giant bell within that hour. To find out more, take a Parliament Tour.

7. Travel through time at The British Museum

The British Museum tells the story of human history, art and culture, with unique items from all ages. See artifacts and talks and special exhibits from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and South Africa. It’s best of all one of London’s many free stuff!

8. Be wowed at the National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery

See the paintings and sculptures of the great masters, from Michaelangelo to Holbein, from Caravaggio to Monet at the London National Gallery, and from the National Portrait Gallery, a splendid selection of new, historical portraits. Sitting side by side on Trafalgar square, two glory towers, both free of charge, provide an amazing cultural afternoon.

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9. Watch amazing theatre in the famous West End

The West End shows of London are known worldwide for their series, diversity and sense of humour. Also romantic musicals like the Misérables, Mamma Mia’s phantom or family-friendly, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Matilda, everything from plays to musicals is for everybody. There is something for everyone.

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10. Relive your top movie moments on the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Step into Harry Potter’s universe and see the sets, costumes and props used in the famous films of Harry Potter. Relive this magic with your favorite wizards, witches and muggles and remember to try the well-known butterbeer! Opt Tour Packages to London from Dubai.

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