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What are the Three Types of Packaging?


All the product manufacturing companies tend to get proper packaging for their products therefore they choose the packaging boxes according to the intensity of their products. The following are the types of boxes that are mainly used by the manufacturing companies. 

Corrugated Boxes:

Nowadays, companies mostly use corrugated boxes for the transportation of their products because of their high durability. Corrugated boxes are quite sturdy and hard so that they secure the products from scratches or any other damage. Other than this, these boxes can also be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the requirements. Their protection purposes can be enhanced by adding extra protective inserts and flutes for highly breakable products. In addition, they can be helpful to protect your random items in houses. Furthermore, you can enhance the branding and marketing of your product. Most importantly these boxes are environment-friendly in nature as they don’t play any role in polluting our surroundings. These corrugated boxes are completely biodegradable in nature as they can be decomposed by bacteria without increasing land waste.

 Customization of Corrugated Boxes:

It is obvious that all the products cannot be packed in a single type of boxes because of varying sizes, shapes and nature of products. If the ready-made product is hard to find for any manufacturer you can customize your boxes according to your desires. Corrugated boxes can be adopted in several shapes such as rectangular, cubical or any required shape. Particularly rectangular boxes are formed for the packaging of cookies. In order to pack cereals box will be bigger in height and a bit slimmer in width. Custom boxes wholesale are used in cubical shapes for protection of some delicate items like electronic products which are highly breakable. Corrugated boxes are capable enough to deal with any kind of mishap while maintaining the safety of products. If you want to put more than one product in a single box you can add dividers or inserts which will provide full protection to your products. Corrugated mailer boxes are commonly used for the transportation of goods from one place to another. If you want to transport electronic products then make sure their safety by adding some flutes to these boxes which will provide strength to boxes and product your breakable products from any mishap during the shipment.

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Rigid Boxes:

Due to their elegant shape, rigid boxes are widely used for the packaging of different products. Companies think that rigid boxes are made only for the limited range of products but these boxes can be used for many purposes. Moreover, rigid boxes provide consumers with a surcharge packaging option. If you are looking for proper and protective packaging for your products then readily choose rigid boxes for your product packaging. It is not mandatory that you can use rigid boxes only for the expensive products; rigid boxes can be used as a tool of the marketing and branding of your product. You can get these boxes in various shapes and sizes. It is possible that the premade designs do not satisfy you therefore companies provide you the opportunity to modify these boxes according to the shape and size of your product. Other than this, you can use these boxes for your cosmetic retail store such as you can pack your fragile products in these boxes like, if you want a protective packaging for your delicate perfumes then you should choose the option of rigid boxes because they are quite strong and non-bendable. Moreover, you can use these boxes for the purpose of your branding promotions such as, you can print these boxes with your brand logo which will readily enhance your branding promotions and help you make your brand more eminent in the market. 

Rigid Boxes for Gifts:

 Mostly, people want to present their gifts in presentable and protective packaging. For this purpose, most people tend to get rigid boxes for the wrap up of their gifts. You can pack your delicate gifts such as wristwatches, perfumes, wallets, etc. in these boxes without fear of any damage. Companies provide you rigid boxes in different styles e.g. tuck end style rigid boxes, flip-top rigid boxes, and foldable rigid boxes and so on. 

Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard boxes are the most commonly used boxes nowadays because you can easily modify them as per your wishes. These boxes are easy to fold so that they will enhance the outlook of boxes due to which customers will be attracted. Cardboard boxes are typically hard and are safe for the wrap up of your products. Furthermore, these boxes are friendly to be printed so you can promote your brand through these boxes. You can mention your company’s name and logo in a prominent size to deliver your message to your target market. This will make your boxes more appealing so that people will tend to buy your products and help you to enhance your sales. Moreover, these boxes can be handy for the marketing purposes of your products as well as you print them with essential information on products such as its expiry and manufacturing dates. In addition, cardboard boxes can be designed in a variety of colors according to the likings of customers or related to products. Moreover, you can add a handle to these boxes which will make it more convenient to carry. No matter, what industry you belong these cardboard boxes are perfect solutions such as in retail industry bath bomb boxes can boost your sale for bath bomb products.

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 How Cardboard Display Boxes Boost up your Sales? 

Retailers acquire different techniques to attract their targeted audience therefore they choose display boxes for their retail store. There are different types of display boxes that you can use for the presentation of your different products. The main benefit of display boxes is that they are space-consuming, you can place several products in a single place by which your customers can easily check the product by themselves and they do not have to scan the shelves. Such as, you can present your mouth-watering muffins in these boxes by which your foodie customer will readily fascinate them. Other than this, another advantage of display boxes is that it will enhance the beauty of your store.

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