What Benefits Do You Get from Filing Income Tax Return?

Do you often find yourself income tax filing close to the due date every time? It can be a daunting feeling knowing you might miss the date this time. Well, we did some research and came up with some tips that should help you get out of this proactive once and for all. And you get to understand why its beneficial to file an income tax return early.

Quick Refund

The benefit of filing tax returns on time offers a “first come first serve” opportunity. This simply means that if you are filing a tax return earlier than others, you will be getting a refund earlier than the others. This is why you shouldn’t wait until the due date is close.

Revise your Return

It’s common to make mistakes while you file your income tax return and figure the same out later. But if you have filed your return earlier, you have enough time to figure out the mistakes you might have done, and rectify the details. Since the income tax department gives you enough time. But you have to remember that you should file early, and ask for revisions before the due date, otherwise you won’t get the chance to make any changes.

Avoid legal issues

You should understand that if you are not filing for income tax return before the due date, you might have to face legal repercussions. For example, if you pay after the due date, you will have to pay interest charges for late filing on a per month basis. You will also be liable to receive notices from income tax departments.

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Premium filing

This isn’t a feature per se but a boon. Imagine a situation where you are filing for your taxes at the end of the due date. There are going to be a thousand of others like you, who are filing at the end as well. But when so many people try to file tax returns at the same time, the website might feel too much load and the response time might get slow.

Which will make you miss the opportunity to file earlier than others. But the same isn’t the case when you file early on. There won’t be a lot of people and you will have enough time to file without any issues with the website.


You might not know, but loan approvals get easier when you have filed for your taxes on time. But if you take too much time to take, you might not be able to get approvals on time as well. Showing your income tax return document as proof during the loan request is the best method to get your loans approved on time.

Since they are used to judge your financial credibility. It will make sure that, just like income tax returns, you will be able to pay your loan repayments as well. This makes it easy for you to get that house or car you always dreamt about.


These were some of the reasons and benefits, that are really important and should make you want to file taxes early. Sure, you can file for them late like every other person out there. But then you miss out on all the good things that come with early filing.

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Income tax return filing shouldn’t and isn’t a hard thing to do. All you have to do is file your return early and you can reap all the benefits that come with it. The last date is 31st July, you still have plenty of time.