What can I do after B.Design?

Opting for the right career is a perplexing and challenging task for many students. Numerous opportunities now a days, yet you might not be aware of each of them. So, you must look through the list of career options and job prospects before choosing the right one. After completing intermediate examinations, most students think about opting for the programmes that are likely to offer a hefty salary and job satisfaction, in the future. Besides this, it is equally important for you to grab a position that interests you and challenges you to think beyond your imagination. If you want such an exciting career, then B. Design course at UPES in Dehradun is the best fit for you. 

Bachelor of Design: An overview

The Bachelor of Design (B.Des or B.Design) is a top-rated and most preferred graduation course that students pursue. B. Des is a full-time under graduation course in design. It is a four-year degree programme that comes with different areas of specialisation. You can specialise in jewellery designing, fashion designing, product designing, graphics and communication designing, game designing, and interior design. In simple terms, B. Des is a gateway to enter the world of designs. The course makes you ready to become a professional in designing with the help of the latest technologies and methodologies. 

The designing industry is one of the most fascinating, enticing, and high paying industry. You need to have a creative vision to make your product look different from your competitors. Hence, B.Des provides essential skills and knowledge such as problem-solving, flexibility in various setups, creativity, and technical skills. The skills and field-specific knowledge you will gain through this course will help you think out of the box while creating authentic designs. It lays a good grounding of the designing field that allows you to explore endless opportunities. Tech giants such as Oracle, Samsung, eBay, and other internationally renowned companies are known to offer handsome salary packages to experts in the designing field. 

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There are multiple career options in the designing sector depending upon your specialisation in the discipline. Let us talk about a few prominent job opportunities in the designing industry.

  • Fashion Designer: The urge of people to look good on social media has been a boon for fashion designers. As a fashion designer, you are expected to design clothes that can revolutionise the fashion trend. For this, you must have an in-depth knowledge of textiles and clothing materials.
  • Graphic Designer: A graphic designer is responsible for creating logos and designs. They play with their imagination to justify the art form. Basically, graphic designing is a way of communicating with your target audience through images, words, and other art forms.
  • Industrial Designer: Many factories and outlets require products that can enhance their look and add value. An industrial designer is responsible for creating products that can upgrade the appearance of factories and outlets.
  • Interior Designer: As an interior designer, you are required to make a house, flat, building, office, etc., look appealing and attractive. A strong foundation in the B.Des course will help you make the living space in the house or office appalling. 

Apart from these options, there are several other career opportunities in the world of design that are both lucrative and interesting. All you need to do is, pursue this course and start designing. 

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