What Channels Should be a Part of Your Next Outbound Campaign?

A lead is only one stage away from becoming a buyer. In order to make sales, you have to give some benefit and ascertain that your business will take care of their problems. It is a truth that 80% of leads in every business are ‘Inbound’ ones. In any case, they produce just 20% of net earnings. In contrast, ‘Outbound’ leads create 80% of the net earnings.

Outbound marketing is a type of marketing where an organization starts the discussion and sends its message out to a group of people. Outbound marketing models incorporate more traditional types of marketing and promoting, for example, TV ads, radio promotions, print notices (news advertisements, magazine promotions, flyers, pamphlets, indexes, and so forth), trade shows, outbound deals call (AKA “cold pitches”), and email spam.

Outbound Marketing enables you to contact with the list of email addresses you purchase from an information supplier. This allows you to send your messages to a big list of contacts that you can maintain in a matter of minutes. It is somewhat associated as opposite to inbound marketing which generally includes, blogging, SEO, content marketing, and opt-in email marketing etc. Also, paid search advertising will be considered as inbound marketing, as your ads will be shown only when individuals are searching for products or services that you provide.

So, what are those channels which allow the businesses to effectively reach their prospects? Below mentioned are some of the channels which should be a part of your next outbound campaign.

Cold Emails

Outbound emails are a sophisticated method of trading presentations and making prospects oriented with the products or services. While several organisations don’t admit this but a personalised message which doesn’t make pointless claims to them, can be very effective. 

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You have to do the background research of the potential lead and develop a personalised email which is addressing the issues or concerns their organisations are facing.

Cold Calls

In B2B sales prospecting, it is one of the oldest methods but yet so effective. Cold calls actually work because it is the only way where you have the chance to make a conversation with your prospects in real-time. Just remember that, whenever you make a call, you should sound like a concerned person who actually wants to help the prospects with their issues. Do not make it an advertising call otherwise, you would get the responses like – “Ok, I’ll think about it”, “Sorry, not interested”, and “Not a good time” etc. 


Different B2B Lead Generation specialists say that Expos and business functions are platforms to build a network where one can meet and communicate with seniors of organisations. Sales Managers should use this opportunity to talk and show the profundity of your insight and business. A company can also organise some CSR events where they can contact NGOs which helps them in enhancing their image in the media and the general public.

Digital Advertising

Frequently thought to be an inbound generating channel, digital ad campaigns are regularly considered excessively cost-substantial to running as an outbound methodology. Regardless, it’s as yet an exceptionally basic Go-to-Market channel for most organizations.

Truly, this money can be utilized all the more adequately and sensibly if, during your next outbound campaign, you put money into pre-targeted advertisements on both social and programmatic display channels.

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Linkedin Lead generation

According to research conducted by LinkedIn, 76% of buyers are ready to have sales conversations through Social Media. While contacting somebody, it’s not, at this point enough to simply know the prospect’s name. You should know their organization’s name, their partners’ names, what articles they’ve perused or retweeted, what their every day resembles, what KPIs they own, and even what interests they have. all this information you can find on their website and social media channels. 

Direct Mail

Direct mails get a higher response rate than other outbound channels. Many people favour actual mails with regards to spontaneous offers, as long as the mail is customized and accompanies with no strings attached. Individuals open the envelopes all the more regularly and check their letterboxes as often as possible and with care. Direct mail effort is more believable and helpful — particularly with a personally written note and gift included.

Landing Pages

Believe it or not, the landing page will be your bonus channel. You know the conversion rate for a landing page is 2%. The main focus of the landing page is to capture your lead’s information for your marketing team to follow up on.

Landing pages should gather information in an easy way. You can ask for “less-troubling” piece of information, which any person won’t hesitate to give, like – email-addresses, company’s name and area of expertise etc. Also, when writing content for a B2B landing page, centre around providing your prospects’ requirements, tackling their issues and addressing their inquiries.

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