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What do they do during car mechanical repair services in Dubai?

Here is a checklist of the different parts and systems that mechanics inspect during your regular car checkup. And also the remedial measures that will be followed.

1. Battery and Cables

Battery terminals are checked to see if they are corroded and are loose. Heat depletes the battery water level. It is checked and topped up. Loose corroded terminals do not let the battery charge or discharge properly, bringing down the service life of the battery.

2. Engine and Gearbox Mounting

After considerable usage and mileage, the engine and gearbox mounts tend to get fractured. It is also important to ensure the gearbox is clean, well-lubricated and kept cool.

3. Dashboard Indicators

The car’s interior is also checked, the car’s dashboard and the indicators could get damaged through exposure and hence it checked to see if they are functional.

4. Brakes

The Brake pads could be eroding and the brake fluid levels may be low. Regular car mechanical repair services ensure that the brakes and its parts like the brake pad, brake liners, brake calipers, and parking brakes are checked for wear and the fluid is topped up for effective braking.

5. Coolant

Heat is the main enemy for cars. Dissipating heat becomes the primary requirement to ensure proper functionality. Hence, care has to be taken to ensure the coolant levels are optimum. The right coolant for your make and model needs to be regularly checked and topped up.

6. Air filter

The air filter ensures that the car combustion chambers do not intake any impurities. But they get clogged up after a while, the air filters are checked for such clogs and if needed are replaced.

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7. AC Filter

The AC filter is also to ensure no debris or dust particles get into the HVAC system. During the regular maintenance check, the air filter is checked for clogs

8. Hoses

Hoses are weak components in the car systems. Engine overheating, power steering and electrical charging losses can be attributed to hose damages. Hence, these are always checked for any systems losses.