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What Do You Know About Your Tyres?

You must put efforts to know about little things that have a big impact on your life. Tyres are one such thing. Tyres are present everywhere, from your shopping cart to your sports car. A world without tyres would undoubtedly look incomplete.

Considering the versatility of tyres, it is actually a difficult task to know all about them. Although, there are a few significant points which every car owner must know.

How long will your tyres last?

The quality of the tyres that you are using is quite decisive in life it will be having. The way you drive your car, the road you drive it on and the weather condition you drive in are the factors that majorly affect your tyres. How you look after your tyres counts as well.

How does the labelling on your tyre work?

For common understanding, there is a labelling system which is recognised by all the industries. A label shows the following factors:

Fuel Efficiency: The rolling resistance that your tyre offers effects the amount of fuel your car would use. The label rates it from A (best fuel economy) to G (least fuel economy).

Wet Grip: In damp conditions, tyres that have better wet-grip will have shorter braking distance. Again, the label rates it from A to G.

External noise: Two ratings can be found here. One is the level of noise your tyres will make according to the measurements done in the lab conditions. This is displayed in decibels. The other label shows sound waves, one, two or three, which gives the rating context with the other tyres.

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What do the numbers on your tyres mean? How the sizing of tyres works?

In the UK, all the tyres have a standardised set of numbers which tell you their precise size. This information helps you when you go to buy new Pirelli tyres Birmingham for your vehicle. An example of marking is 215/40 R16 99W. This can be split into parts to know several specifications of the tyres.

  • 215: Tells about the width of the tyre in millimetres
  • 40: Tells the aspect ratio of the tyre. Aspect ratio is the ratio between the width and the height of the tyre. Here, height is 40 per cent of 215.
  • R: It tells you that your tyre is of which sort. Here, it is radial as the majority of tyres are.
  • 16: Tells the diameter of the tyre in inches
  • 99: It tells about the maximum weight that your tyre can carry. This is also called the load index.
  • W: It is the speed rating of the tyre.

What is the legal tread depth limit in the UK?

You need to have a tread depth of 1.6mm in the UK, legally. Although, to ensure safety to yourself, you must consider 3mm as the depth after you which you should change your tyres. Anything below 1.6mm is considered illegal and you can be fined up to £1,000 and three penalty points on your driving license, per tyre.

How do you check the tread depth of your tyres?

Use a 20p coin piece and insert it in your tyre. The coin has a standard measurement of 2.7 mm, so if you can still see the outer rim of the coin, it is time to change your tyre.

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There are other methods to check the depth of your tread as well. The bespoke instrument is built for the purpose and is available at your local tyre fitter or parts outlet. You can also keep checking the tread depth indicator which is present on the rubber of your tyre itself.

How do you check the tyre pressure?

The pressure in your tyres must be accurate as anything other than that drains a lot of fuel and affects your control over the car, massively. You should set your tyre pressure according to the information in the owner’s manual you are provided with.

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