What does a copywriter do?

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who writes texts for clients on a professional basis. This can involve many types of text, such as web texts, brochure texts or articles for magazines. In some cases, the role of copywriter coincides with that of copywriter, although the latter can also refer to a specific type of copywriter. In addition, the tasks of copywriters may partly coincide with those of web editors, who often also write the necessary texts themselves.

Consulting with clients

Consultation with the client about the requirements for the text, for example in terms of content, target group and scope.
Editing and rewriting of own texts and/or texts of colleagues
Processing of any feedback from client, editor and/or fellow copywriter
A specific type of copywriter is the SEO copywriter, who writes web texts that are intended to be found well by search engines. Specific tasks for an SEO copywriter are, for example:

Performing keyword research

Writing clear and well-structured texts based on keyword research and information from online monitoring tools (e.g. Google Analytics and Coosto)
Many copywriters work as freelancers for various clients. In that case they have additional tasks such as the following:

Executing acquisition, for example by attending network meetings
Drawing up quotations for potential clients
Sending invoices and payment reminders to clients
Where do copywriters work?
Writers can work at specialised communication or internet agencies, where they are deployed to external clients. In addition, there are companies that employ their own copywriters, for example the larger e-commerce companies. Finally, there are many copywriters who are active as freelancers and who work for companies on location or have their own (home) workplace.

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Colleagues with whom you deal as a copywriter may be, for example, editors, but also communication staff, communication advisors, project managers, content managers, web editors, SEO specialists, marketing staff, marketing managers, product managers, UX designers, brand managers, UI designers, graphic designers and DTP people. You also sometimes link up with PR advisors.

How do you become a copywriter?

Lyricists are often asked to train in language, communication or journalism. Examples of relevant courses are:

Communication (hbo)
Communication sciences (wo)
English language and culture (wo)
Journalism (hbo)
Marketing and Communication (hbo)
Dutch language and culture (wo)
Language and communication (wo)
Text and Communication (wo)
In addition, there are various writing courses that can be interesting for people who want to work as a copywriter from a different background. These courses are offered, for example, by the following institutions:entre for Communication & Journalism
The Editorial Board
Leiden Educational Institutions (LOI)
Van Dale Language Training

Even more important than the course, it goes without saying that you are able to write good texts. That’s why most employers or clients ask for a portfolio, or at least examples that show that someone can write well.

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