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Is Google Lens Really Worth Downloading in Your Android or iPhone?

Artificial Intelligence has evolved over the years. And today Google brings you Google Lens to establish that machines are manufactured intelligently to improvise life with ease.

What is Google Lens?


Google lens is an image recognition technology developed and introduced by Google from the I/O summit 2017. It is a significant breakthrough from the stadium of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that allows its users to acquire the newest information about anything around them that they are oblivious of only by scanning it through their smartphone camera lens.

Google lens utilizes the smartphone and deep machine learning to recognize objects, comprehend its context and display relevant information and activities related to exactly what it sees.

How Can I utilize Google Lens?

Google lens made its debut like a promising AI tech in 2017. Initially available only to Pixel consumers, Google I/O 2018 conference declared the availability of the Google Lens technology through Camera App on stipulated smartphone devices manufactured by LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, Nokia/HMD, TCL, OnePlus, Asus, Transsion and BQ.

Smartphone users can make use of the Google lens in 4 Unique ways:

1. Google Lens Program

It’s for sale as a standalone Google program on Android mobiles.

2. Google Photos

For i-OS users, whenever you surf photos while in the Google photos app, you can see the Google lens icon at the end of the screen. You can tap it and get relevant information and hints depending upon your own photo.

3. Google Assistant

Open Google Assistant, tap on the Compass icon at the lower right side of this screen to start a brand new screen. The Google lens icon is available at the bottom of the brand new screen. Harness it to explore.

4. Camera App

Google Lens was directly made available through the most popular Camera Program on select smartphone Android devices as stated earlier besides Google Pixel.

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How can Google Lens work?

“Simply point your smartphone towards the thing you need to know more about and tap the Google Lens icon”

Google Lens provides numerous scanning dots. Focus on the region of the image that you would like to know more concerning and also Google through visual investigation will determine the exact object, provide information relating to it and indicate what actions you are able to choose it.

Exactly what does Google Lens really do?

· Copy text

(telephone numbers, dates, addresses, and email addresses)

Smart text selection and Smart text search are all just two exclusive characteristics which may be employed with almost any text. Simply hover your smartphone camera over a text sample to highlight and reproduce part/whole of it. You can also hunt for the relevant text in real-time.

Scan any Company card along with your camera with Google lens to get Android and you will have the ability to copy and save contact info, call the person, save telephone number and address into your address book or email the individual.

· Find Similar Products on Online shopping

An alluring outfit caught your attention on the style series that week. Just snapshot it and also Google lens will inform you more about the fabric, style, color, color designer. Anyway, it will suggest similar look-a-like services and products with online buying prices and links. Tap and buy your fantasy appearance very quickly.

Need to refurbish your house with new furniture and also advanced home décor? Focus your camera on the household furniture item to let Google Lens spot & find matching décor bits with online shopping options and reviews.

(Flowers and dog strains )

Google Lens can be just a savior for any nature lover. Point your camera at any plant or animal around one to know more about it. Google Lens will furnish you with information on similar-looking plants or tell you the variety of canine that you just fell in love within the neighborhood.

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· Discover books and websites

(Novels, audio recordings, Game Titles )

If you are thinking about buying a new book, music CD or movie DVD; Google Lens will help you to get the publication overview, music inspection, and movie rating just at the attention of a lens!

Links have been provided for online shopping too!

· Scan codes

A QR-code on an item interested you to find more; only point the camera for more info out of it.

· Identify landmarks and buildings

Grab a renowned building on your Lens to explore, extract historical reality, hours of operation or exact Google channels location.

· Translate text reside

Traveling in a foreign country and unable to know a signpost from the indigenous language?

Point the camera at the signpost to acquire yourself a text translation into your language with the help of both Google Lens along with Google Translate. It will appear as an overlay above the captured text.

· Open hyperlinks

Google Lens can find links published on media, posters, and business cards and also offer to open the various link too.

· View and get specific restaurant and hotel menus

Know the famous dish at virtually any restaurant before placing an order.

· Review ratings of bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes

Visiting a restaurant you’re not sure of; click it and let Google lens do the search for you centered on Google reviews.

· Add events into your calendar

Want to go to a music concert whose advertisement you saw? Focus on the poster to get tickets, know the place and timings and add the event to an own calendar

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· Can Google lens recognize faces?

In 2019, Google lens could detect faces of well-known movie celebrities, celebrities, politicians and other mythical figurines.

Just how do I enable Google Lens from the Google assistant?

  • Extended press on the home button on the main screen of one’s Android mobile
  • Doing this will activate the Google Assistant App open.
  • Harness the Compass Icon put at bottom-right. This may open the Explore Menu at Google Assistant.
  • Harness the Google lens at the bottom-center, left on the microphone icon. It’s a camera-shaped pub. This will open the viewfinder screen of Google Lens where you’ll have the ability to visualize numerous scanning dots.
  • Focus on the object you want to know more about and tap to find a set of actions which you wish to explore.
  • in case you accidentally focus on the incorrect object, tap on the trunk button and give it another try. Support the camera steady when working.
  • When the light is inadequate, tap on the flash icon in the top-left of the screen to enable flash
  • If you want to utilize Google Lens on images previously clicked then tap on Gallery icon in top-right of the screen.

How to Use Google Lens onto Android or iPhone

If you do not have exactly the Google Lens App that you can download it on Playstore.

But, select Android smartphones enable one to make use of the Google Lens App directly simply by opening the telephone’s Camera App

To get iPhone users, you can get Google Lens through Google Photos or even Google App.

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