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What is the Role of SEO in Digital Marketing?

The world of digital marketing has exploded exponentially in the last fifteen years. Never before have marketing opportunities been so rife, accessible, and effective for businesses all around the world. Additionally, digital marketing has helped firms across the country market their goods nationwide, as opposed to solely their local environment.

Yet digital marketing is a complex topic, like any form of advertising and public relations management. It can be divided into several different measures offering several different results. From sponsoring influencers to using targeted social media advertisements to reach people likely to hold a compatible interest, there are almost as many ways of skillfully using digital marketing as there are people to market to.

One of the most celebrated and innovative measures of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You may have heard of this, as a growing number of online brands attempt to make use of it in their marketing discourse. But what exactly is SEO? How can brands leverage their use to reach more suitable potential customers and expose their brand to online users up and down the country, or even on an international scale?

It’s this topic we hope to explore further, below:

What Is SEO & How Does It Function?

SEO is a means of ensuring that your website’s content is in-line with the search engine algorithms that rank search engine results. From now on, we will use Google as the operative search engine to discuss SEO. If your content does follow these appropriate metrics, your pages will be ranked more highly in an individuals user’s search results. You can imagine how securing a spot within the first five pages of a Google listing can be invaluable for securing the exposure you’re looking for.

But what are these metrics?

Google regularly updates its algorithm to ensure that the best content rises to the top, and they have ways of tracking to see if the content is SEO-suitable or not. The quality of your written content, the image file sizes and how easy your page is to load, the backlinks to your page and the quality of them, your domain name and how it matches broad keywords, content-led keyword generation; all of these are essential measurements by which your SEO is determined and then presented to a search engine user. This complexity is why many companies turn to SEO services in Fullerton to accurately and adequately promote their content.

Google’s algorithm uses these markers to verify and utilize the best content for higher ranking in a user’s search results. Still, they can also use a lack of markers to penalize against low-quality, spammy content actively. In other words, there’s no way to ‘game the system’ by posting frequent low-quality articles.

What Are The Benefits Of Good SEO Practice?

SEO practice can be adopted and practiced efficiently with a little training, and the benefits of doing so are tremendous. 

For starters, content ranked more highly in the search listings is sure to be seen by a wider variety of users, but those users can also be targeted organically for said results. For instance, if someone wishes to look for the best car content, the keywords they type into the search engine will return results more suitable for them. 

It means that you can market your content well within your marketing copy or blog content without having to approach the potential client/customer, to begin with. They will, by their internet habits and usage, come across your content naturally. An organic alternative can seem like a breath of fresh air for anyone who tires of the unyielding horde of advertisements that we are forcefully exposed to each year. It is subtle, yet never deceptive.

SEO also has the added benefit of providing a value-added approach to marketing. For instance, posting an article such as a buyer’s guide, using the best SEO practice, can help you grant useful guidance while using affiliate marketing. If promoting your own product, you may write a handy tutorial demonstrating how best to use it and items like it. This allows you to give something before the direct opportunity of purchase is even mentioned. Some firms exercise the best SEO practice simply to stay relevant to certain interested online parties. For instance, hobbyist websites may post detailed news articles to continually stay a relevant, dependable, SEO-friendly source.

How Is SEO Regularly Implemented?

Of course, SEO is not a one-and-done practice, but we must be aware of using it to our best advantage. This is because you can be sure that many other companies are using SEO to the best of their ability, and so for that reason, we must hold ourselves to the golden standard.

First, we must ensure our sight is SEO-friendly, not just the content within it. Finding the best domain name and associated extension is a good place to start. The most common are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .edu

Additionally, shorter, keyword-friendly domain names for your website are the most appropriate. A root domain such as “” will achieve preferable SEO to “”. Using broad keywords like this (a worthwhile naming convention for your company,) avoiding hyphens, and using sub-folders instead of subdirectories for your hosting content is essential.

What’s more important than this? It is important to post well-written, well-formatted, informative content regularly. If you can achieve that, perhaps through your blogging page, you will naturally raise your search rankings higher and gain traction with the algorithm.

Is My Firm Suitable For The Best SEO Practices?

Yes, if your firm is online with a dependable, well-hosted web presence, you can use SEO. When building up your pages with regular backlinks, hosting excellent content relevant to your firm, and doing so without artificial postings, you will be sure to develop better conversion rates for your organic, inbound marketing.

This can be a phenomenal method of building brand awareness. Additionally, SEO practice is the same no matter if you’re a small firm or a large corporation, meaning that, to a certain degree, SEO does not discriminate. It’s this even playing field that can allow for further marketing opportunities for all.

With this advice – we hope you, alongside our SEO Company Fullerton, can make the best practical use of search engine optimization.