What Makes Curry A Special Dish?

Spices are an integral part of culinary art! We use seasonings with knowledge of the matter or not knowing at all what a particular supplement is, but only relying on aroma and taste. Curry is one of the most popular seasonings given to us by sunny Asia. This is a combination of bulk organic spices folded into a single composition so that the dish that is seasoned with curry acquires a new incredibly bright and memorable taste. Curry gives a culinary composition not only taste and aroma. This supplement makes the dish play with new colors! A sunny shade is added to vegetables, cereals and other products when a small pinch of curry is included in the composition.

But what is this combination of spices and is it useful for the human body? We will answer these and other questions in our article!

Curry is a spice made up of the best ingredients!

To begin with, we will answer the question of what curry really is. A seasoning created from several ingredients selected exactly so as to obtain a unique taste, aroma and color – this is curry!

Each ingredient was included in this spice for a reason. Each grain performs its function. And there are such ingredients in curry removing which you can destroy the magical appeal of curry. But this seasoning creates real culinary magic!

Curry: seasoning composition

Consider what the famous curry consists of. As part of this seasoning, there are always at least five main ingredients:

  • Red (sometimes green hot) pepper;
  • turmeric;
  • ginger;
  • Coriander;
  • Black pepper;

These ingredients can be added:

  • garlic;
  • nutmeg;
  • cumin;
  • caraway seeds;
  • fenugreek;
  • cloves;
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All these additives are to your taste! However, the classical basis has not changed for several decades.

Important! When buying a ready-made curry mixture in a supermarket or in the market then you should study the composition. No need to buy an option where starch, salt, any chemical flavor enhancers are noticed. This is not curry!

By the way, in India this seasoning is prepared right before cooking the dishes in which they plan to add this spice. So you can get a rich taste, not to lose the aroma and make the curry ideal for a particular dish.

And yet, in India, curry is part of many dishes. Those who have tasted Indian cuisine know that the delicate spicy aroma of curry is always associated with dishes from this unique country.

What does curry seasoning look like

Experienced chefs probably know what this seasoning looks like. But it will not be amiss to give a description of this wonderful culinary supplement. So curry is a bright yellow powder. Although there is curry paste. Color can vary from rich yellow to lemon or rainbow orange. It all depends on the type of curry. The fact is that this seasoning is made in different countries. Somewhere it is believed that the main ingredients should be peppers. In other places, curry is produced where the leading role is given to turmeric. Somewhere in curry, many other ingredients are added and somewhere else they make the classic version of the mixture without violating the rigor of the base. Depending on the composition and balance of spices, the taste of curry also changes. It can be richly sharp or more spicy and tender. However, the general gamma and specific flavor of curry is almost unchanged

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The benefits of curry

This supplement is considered truly magical! They say who eats curry has a more stable immunity, strength, endurance and good looks. Indeed, in the composition of this seasoning there are several spices rich in natural trace elements when you buy organic spices. Everything that is part of this combination has truly healing power.

Curry has the following positive properties:

  • regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • has an antiseptic effect;
  • provides antibacterial, antifungal protection;
  • gently relieves pain, spasm;
  • relaxes muscle tone;
  • contributes to the normalization of the intestines;
  • protects the gastrointestinal tract from harmful bacteria, improves digestion;
  • normalizes the endocrine system;
  • removes toxins and toxins;
  • cleanses the bile ducts;
  • has an immunomodulatory effect;
  • restores strength;
  • calms the nervous system;
  • slows down the aging process.

Of course, recovering from ailments by eating curry will not work. But, regularly using this ingredient in cooking you can give the body the necessary protection against diseases and destructive age-related processes. And this is one of the methods of maintaining health, youth and beauty.

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