What to Eat: A Beginner’s Guide to Indian Cuisine

Say you have decided to be spontaneous and embark on a new culinary adventure, sampling a brand-new delicacies for the very first time. Good for you! You deserve a virtual high five.

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But what do you order? This is a not unusual problem among humans who’ve either determined to attempt something new or are outright frightened of attempting something new. You do not need your first foray right into a puzzling new delicacies to be inedible. I didn’t understand menudo changed into filled with cow stomachs! You can cry, or How was I presupposed to recognize that 5 chile peppers on the menu meant that I changed into going to turn interior out from ache?

That’s in which our beginner’s guides are available. When I’m showing a friend a brand new delicacies for the first time, I try and order the most sincere yet representative dishes possible for them. I need them to have an amazing first experience, however also pattern meals it really is simply distinctive enough to pique their hobby in destiny dinners.

If you need to leap in head-first — once more, precise for you! Otherwise, give the dishes below a attempt if you’re venturing out in your first Indian meal.


Every delicacies worth its snuff has a pocket food. Empanadas, pierogie, Cornish pasties, bao — you name it. The samosa is the Indian model of those portable treats, and it’s popular during South Asia. The pastries can be baked or fried, however are superb for their triangular form. Inside the crispy, flaky flour shell you may normally discover an collection of greens: Peas, potatoes and onions are maximum commonplace. Samosas are not continually highly spiced, however may be — just ask your server if you’re concerned about heat levels. In my opinion, they’re many of the maximum available of Indian dishes way to their finger-food-friendly length and tasty, easy filling. I generally tend to consider samosas as an appetizer earlier than a meal — little snacky bites of gently spiced greens internal pastry pockets — although they may be eaten at any time.

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Chutney and raita

Here’s what you may dip your samosas in, even though those dressings/sauces have a diffusion of programs. “Chutney” is essentially a phrase for any sauce featuring spice, fruit and/or greens. You’ll maximum often find two kinds: crimson and inexperienced. The crimson is tamarind, that’s both sweet and bitter. The inexperienced is usually both mint or coriander. Think of them as the Indian model of salsas. Raita is a yogurt-based sauce with a blend of spices that can include cilantro, cumin, mint and other herbs. I like having raita on hand to chill off spicier dishes.


Do you like fats, fluffy rounds of bread one million times fluffier than the fluffiest piece of pita bread? Then you may like naan. Everyone likes naan. It’s high-quality. Dip it into chutneys or some raita or into the sauce in your butter chook or rogan josh. Do something you need with it. It’s versatile and supposed to be loved all through your meal.


If you like vegetable tempura or fried okra or any other new release of fried greens you can think about, you will likely like pakora. Although pakora can have fowl inside, it is battered veggies you’ll find most customarily. Look for eggplant, potato, onion, spinach and cauliflower as standards.

Saag paneer

This is the dish that first grew to become me directly to Indian food in Houston, generally due to my very white-individual love for creamed spinach. Saag paneer could be very comparable, but has cubes of gentle cheese (like panela) bobbing within the creamed vegetable combination. It’s no longer just spinach in there, even though; the brilliant green shade of saag paneer comes from a blend of all types of vegetables, from collard greens to broccoli. It’s one of the dishes you’ll discover most usually on menus and buffets, and one I can never skip up.

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Tandoori chicken

A tandoor is truly an oven, and tandoori fowl is — to place it even greater without a doubt — simply roasted chook with some spices. The vivid reddish-orange color of the fowl comes from that spice combo: turmeric, cayenne pepper, chile powder and paprika can all be used. Despite this, the tandoori fowl you will stumble upon over right here is rarely very spicy. Instead, it’s typically savory with a touch of smoky sweetness from the paprika and the oven itself.

Chana masala

This is a dish that jogs my memory strongly of chili, if chili were made with chickpeas rather pork. The little garbanzo beans (“chana”) are stewed down in a mix of chopped tomatoes, onions and spices along with garlic, chile peppers and garam masala (a curry blend that capabilities pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cumin and cardamom). It makes a hearty major dish no matter being vegetarian, and makes for exquisite leftovers heated up day after today.

Chicken korma

Both hen korma and butter bird are a number of the maximum approachable Indian dishes: they are creamy, stew-like concoctions in which fowl is braised in a velvety sauce made with butter, coconut milk, cream or yogurt plus a few moderate spices. In the case of korma, the sauce is barely sweet, slightly nutty (it is now not strange to locate cashews in here) and barely smoky from cumin and different spices. You’ll even discover a few greens floating round in the thick stew, which you can sop up with pieces of naan.

Dahi puri

These little snacks are one to two bites every (relying on how dainty of an eater you are) and full of flavor. This is perhaps the maximum “advanced” item on this easygoing amateur’s listing, entirely because of the combination of flavors and ingredients determined in each puffy puri shell. But it’s also my favorite. It’s now not just about the brightly bouncing flavors interior shells — sour-candy tamarind chutney, tangy yogurt, highly spiced mint chutney, stiff red onions, natural cilantro — however about the contrasting textures or even temperatures. The chickpeas inside are tender and soft below the boisterous crunch of the puri shells and shreds of sev, the yogurt cold and bracing towards the hotter chutneys.

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Gulab jamun and kheer

What’s a meal with out dessert? Think of gulab jamun as Indian donut holes, where the little balls of dough are fried and then coated with a glaze of simple syrup laced with rosewater. The dough soaks up that sweet, sugary syrup, which oozes out as you take a chunk. And kheer is honestly the rice pudding this is featured as a dessert across dozens of different cuisines. Here, it’s jazzed up with a diffusion of components: You’ll find it plain, or topped with items consisting of pistachios, raisins, cardamom pods and greater.

Mango lassi
Think about the first-class mango smoothie you ever had. This is higher.