What to Look for in a 100 Ft Sewer Snake

With so many drain cables for sale on the market it can be tempting just to take a swing at the nearest one and absorb the cost, rather than figuring out where you can find the best value. The thing is, this is your business and your livelihood and a little homework goes a long way – it can really pay dividends when your equipment doesn’t fail you in the heat of battle, so to speak. Therefore, take the following things into account when you are evaluating a 100 ft sewer snake before you buy it. One more thing: Keep in mind that this isn’t specific to a 100 ft sewer snake, but rather to sewer snakes in general.

The first thing a sewer snake needs to be is tough. It just has to be downright tough. If you expect to hook up one hundred feet of steel cable to a drain cleaning machine and then put it through the ringer, it has to be tough. Some drain snakes navigate the tight turns of plumbing lines along with extreme temperatures before they even get to cutting through the grease clogs or tree roots that stand in the way between them and a job well done.

But what does it mean to be tough? There are a lot of factors that go into qualifying a drain snake as tough, and these are some that you should look out for. The first is the tensile strength of the steel from which the drain snakes are made. A drain snake must be able to shoulder the amount of tension and torsion to which it will be subject as it twists and turns through pipes and grabs at obstructions. If the cable isn’t tough it can deform or even snap – and while it can be rare for steel to break outright, if it isn’t tempered properly and is subjected to high impulse it can snap clean in two.

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Yet it is not enough for a drain cable to have high tensile strength and resilience in the face of torsion. Its temper must not only protect it against breakage, because the wrong heat treatment will not only make a steel hard but brittle. Therefore the temper of a quality drain snake must engender not only hardness to the steel but flexibility. Recall also that we mentioned that a drain snake would navigate tight recesses, twists and turns before finally getting to an obstruction. An inflexible, or an inadequately flexible drain snake just can’t do that.

The right mixture of hardness, flexibility and strength are some of the key indicators in the quality of a drain snake, and if you’re out to get that balance, save yourself a little time shopping and head right to Duracable at Duracable’s drain snakes are some of the best drain snakes in the business and their quality control just can’t be topped.

Whether you need hollow core or heavy duty inner core cables, you can rest assured that the production processes at Duracable will guarantee the highest quality drain cleaning cables available. With every batch of cable that they produce, they perform multiple rigorous tests for hardness, strength, flexibility and more. If any portion of a batch fails any of their controls for any reason, the entire lot gets scrapped and discarded – not repurposed. That’s just one of the many ways that Duracable safeguards its customers against compromised quality. General toughness underpins their products, and that’s what you can expect.

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To make a long story short, just head to right now and stock up on what you need. If you have any questions on their products or processes you can reach out to their customer service team at 800-247-4081 or by email at

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