b.tech in civil engineering

What you need to know about B.Tech in Civil Engineering

It is rightly said “If god didn’t build it, civil engineers did it”

A B.Tech in civil engineering course is highly valued course in the country and all across the world. The roads, buildings, bridges, dams etc which we see today are an out of a broad vision of a civil engineer who works hard day and night just make that vision a reality. Civil engineering has played an extremely crucial role in building the society which we see today and will always be the key society we shall see in the coming years.

“B.Tech in Civil Engineer: Future Of the Nation Depends on the Solid Foundation Of Civil engineering”

A civil engineering is a 4 year duration course comprising of eight semesters. Students are taught common subjects in the first year and after that specialization choices are opened towards the same. It includes various subjects such as

CAD: Computer Aided Design, which focuses on training its students on creating building designs illustrations using CAD software. It ubiquitous in today’s world when it come to building ‘buildings’ of the nation.

Strengths of Material: Subjects like these are of vitality when it is applied practically. Many must be wondering how? Every year many buildings and bridges in our country collapse leading the loss of so many lives. The root cause behind it, is the poor quality of raw material utilized in these structures. This calls forth for the need of well learned civil engineers who have an in depth study of the structures of various materials. The study of structures of material helps students in understanding the quality of the raw substance which will make a sturdy building which minor chances of any kind of mishap.

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Geology: The study of earth is the fundamental step towards the learning about the course. This study comes in use while building bridges, dams, tunnels etc. A proper knowledge is essential. Without this, it will be equivalent to beating around the bush.

Structural Analysis: It is a fact that few structures shape , size and material will give a stronger basing to the structure of the building as compared to others. Civil engineering is the study of structural analysis in depth.

Building Planning and Drawing: A well planned strategy and design will contribute to a strong output. Building planning and drawing play an important role in this aspect.

There are many other subjects such as:-

Concrete technology, Geo-technology, foundation engineering, hydrology, irrigation, transport engineering, design and drawing engineering, cost estimation and evaluation, pollution control etc. A good engineering education chiefly determined by the kind of college one pursues it from. A good college is successfully imparts training, practical exposure to its students under the mentorship of experienced teacher. Hyderabad is that one city which is doing wonders in this field and producing finest civil engineers of the country in today’s date. One of top engineering colleges in Hyderabad produces highly efficient civil engineers every year.

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