Cardboard boxes

What You Need to Know About Big Cardboard Boxes

It goes all the way back to 1817 when the first of the kind of these cardboards were invented. Although these boxes were not corrugated, it was a box. So that counts for something. Corrugated boxes are a series of parallel sheets joined together in order to make the box rigid and strong, for storage of heavy-duty materials.
The non-corrugated packs are those which are made out of a single layer of cardboard and are specifically used for storage purposes of lightweight materials, such as food, watches, gifts and every other thing that is lightweight and is meant to be put inside a box.

Stronger is better

Almost all of the big cardboard boxes are corrugated and are big in size than the normal standard ones. They are made for the sake of heavy materials, mostly the items in bulk are packed in these packs for their safe transport and safe storage too. Hence, the stronger a box is, the better it is for the business and transport of goods and materials.

They fly. Yes, they do!

The most important purpose of these boxes is storage and not only that, after putting in the goods these cartons tend to cover very long distances globally. They are sent around the globe with almost every kind of good they can carry. The reason these are used is that these are the strongest and the lightest medium of storage containers to put in the items. All the master businesses around the globe use them for their safety of goods and also for the long life of them. If packed properly, these boxes can contain fragile material like glass, LCDs, LEDs, mobile phones and almost anything that you can imagine of that is fragile. And yes, these fly around the world safely and soundly. These get shipped too globally without getting damaged and tapered.

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Some daily life uses of cardboard boxes:

  • Pack and move: Why not save your extra dollars for the sake of moving your clothes and other household things? These boxes help out in storing all of your things while shifting from one place to another, as wholly as they always were.
  • Turn them into your drawers: Another way of saving money is by turning these big cardboard Kraft boxes into your own favorite kind of drawers with any kind of graphics to put on.
  • Who needs a dustbin when you can throw it in here: Using medium-sized boxes and painting them into some color while removing half of the flaps on it, you can create your own backyard junk holder. Who needs an expensive plastic dustbin now? Simply use garbage to store more garbage.
  • Put it in your stores: For the sake of holding your materials that you might use in future but are of no use at the moment, you can always store them in these holders for as much time as you want to.
  • Summer fun: If you are thinking of putting up a lemonade stand to make your pocket money, you are obviously in need of signs for it. These big boards can be cut down and painted with signs and you will have your perfect stand for soda right in front of your home.
  • Kids need a fort: Problem solved! The massive big ones are obviously going to help you, help your kids while making a fort for them to play. They can even tear it down and make it up again by the help of duct tapes. Win-win.
  • Where do you keep your memories? : The small boxes can be easily converted into one of these two things, either a piggy bank or a memory keeper. For the latter, you just have to paint it according to how you view your memories and for a piggy bank, just glue it all around with the lid on and make a small hole in it to keep your change.
  • Insulation: It is done in almost every household. After fixing in your air conditioner there is always some space that is left to fill out. Using silicon is one way (expensive) but the more suitable one is by cutting the big Kraft boxes according to the space left to fill in.
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Customized boxes

One way is using the already present leftover boxes but that is for the normal people fixing their everyday problems. For big brands and companies who need the boxes according to their own adjustments, custom cardboard boxes are created in order to fill in their specific kind of needs. The vendors make them in sizes that the customer demands and they are also created in bulk for specific companies who want to buy in wholesale.

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