What You Need To Know About Switzerland?

For a good reason, Swiss chocolate is renowned all over the world. The nation has a long history of excellence in this field and many modern chocolatiers continue to make every sweet treat by hand, using traditional recipes.

For real chocolate lovers our selection of the best places to eat chocolate in Switzerland is: nothing but the best you’ll find.

In the history of chocolate as we know it today, Switzerland has played an important role. In 1875, Swiss chocolate Daniel Peter was the first person to inject powdered milk into solid chocolate and, frankly, revolutionize the business.

Four years later, in 1879, Rodolphe Lindt invented the conche, a mixer which remains to this day a major instrument in the production of chocolate.

We could never have experienced the joy of sinking our teeth in a beautifully crafted truffle or chocolate bar without the Swiss pioneers. If you want a quality and best travel package you can opt for Switzerland and Paris packages from Dubai.

Heading for cocoa creations, today Switzerland is famous. Her leading chocolate makers throughout the world are admired for their delicious sweet foods.

From the historical suppliers to contemporary masters, the assurance of great service, a consistently beautiful presentation and, above all, a great taste of chocolate that will take you back for more is our collection of some of the best chocolate designers in Switzerland.

The Great Names of Swiss Chocolate

In 1815, Suchard became an apprentice candy maker and opened his own shop in 1825, while in 1825 and the year that followed Jacques Henri Nestle joined the market, connecting the condensed milks with the chocolate of Daniel Peter, thus creating the very creamy product that is now associated with Swiss chocolate.

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Swiss Chocolate Manufacture

The first secret is to be found in the previously mentioned cocoa beans: in Equatorial Africa very good quality cocoa beans are produced; then in the case of Neuchatel, for example, Swiss chocolate producers take the beans and make a chocolate that contains more cocoa beans and less cocoa butter than other chocolates.

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The milk, which is provided by specially bred cows, often adds a high quality of mild milk to the smoothness of chocolate.

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Furthermore, the sweet taste and texture of Swiss chocolate is caused by extra conching of most products, with a mean conching time of 75 hours and can last up to 150 hours-that is, the smoothing between granite rollers.

The long slow rolling and folding allows the fluid chocolates to be aired, which eliminates chocolate granules ‘ bitterness and facilitates a small floral bloom of cocoa butter around every cocoa particle that makes the chocolate even and silky.

Time is also a part of the process of production. Many Swiss chocolate makers produce white and milk chocolate which is then immediately used, while on the contrary, they may require ageing up to six months in the darker chocolate, like a good cheese, to produce their complex savor.

The Swiss chocolate factory’s greatest secret is one not imported and replicated–it is Swiss fresh and uncontaminated air that gives the manufacturing process a special quality without adding extra humidity to the mixture when pinched, resulting in a more rich taste.

When liquid chocolate has been conched, it can be packed into vats and delivered to clothing and milk companies or shaped into blocks for sale in the same way.

The chocolate is tempered at the chocolate mill. It is melted by heating to a certain temperature, then the chocolate machine is worked with and kneaded as it cools, or even hand kneaded.

More heated chocolate is added in each case and kneading repeatedly. It provides a fantastic, robust chocolate foundation that can be used to manufacture a range of chocolate products, including truffles, chocolate enrobing and blocks and bars. You can opt for the Switzerland tour package from Dubai.

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