When Should You Shock Your Pool or Hot Tub?

Shocking a pool or hot tub is something that a lot of people only think about doing as they open it for the season, or for that matter when they get to closing it down after the summer is over. While you are already in the custom of monitoring the sanitizer levels in the pool to keep it clean and clear, shocking adds another layer of protection over the sanitizer that is always present. Shocking a pool involves adding a higher than usual level of sanitizer to a pool to shock it and cleanse it of contaminants, hence the name. Moreover, it is customarily done as a precursor to opening a pool or as part of the preparations to close it down after a summer of swimming in it.

While it is a good idea to shock your pool or hot tub before you open it or before you get ready to close it down, there are other times when you might want to shock your pool as well. Here are some of the times it might be a good idea to shock your pool that don’t have much to do with opening and closing.

Any time after there is heavy rain is also a good time to shock your pool or hot tub. You might be thinking that rain is pure water and if anything it would just be adding fresh, clean, chlorine-free water to the pool. Well, rain does start out as pure distilled water, but as it passes through the atmosphere on the way down, it picks up lots of pollutants and contaminants. You’ll have to also remember that it isn’t just the rain itself that ends up in your pool. Rain washes dirt into your pool and any trees that are overhanging will end up dropping whatever is on them into your pool as well. Shocking your pool after a heavy rain is a good practice for giving it an extra deep cleanse.

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Any time you notice a particularly strong smell of chlorine in your pool, that means your chloramines are on the rise. Chloramines, which can irritate eyes and create odors, are the byproduct of chlorine as it works to deactivate contaminants and is a sign that you need fresh sanitizer. Shocking the pool helps to restore some of the lost sanitizer while at the same time cleansing the pool.

You might also want to consider shocking the pool if you are experiencing an algae bloom. Routine sanitation including the use of algicide is sometimes enough to prevent the growth and spread of algae, but if you experience a bloom it might be a sign that your efforts are not enough. Shocking the pool or hot tub will help to kill any algae that has started growing in the pool and restore clarity to the water.

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