Which is the Best Sewing Machine Brand for Home Use?

Sewing Machines are the most common type of appliances that you will find in every household today because it helps in performing a variety of tasks including stitching, sewing, alerting clothes and more. Sewing Machine is important appliance to have in some situations as we don’t want to go to tailor for small stitching job. Moreover, people who are passionate about fashion designing and designing dresses may also require the advanced Sewing Machine that is powered by electricity. Electronic Sewing Machines are the better alternative to traditional Sewing Machine in regards to usability and functions. But to buy it you need to spend a bit more money than the traditional models. With the comparison of Sewing Machine Price List in India you can grab the best deal and offers to save money on it.

Singer Sewing Machine

With more than 100 years of experience and expertise in the field, Singer Sewing Machine is the leading brand in India today which started its venture back in 1951 as the leading Sewing Machine manufacturer. Since after its conception this brand has expanded their product line, offering a variety of home and kitchen appliances, personal care appliances and also Sewing Machine for which this brand is mainly known across the world.

Both classic and innovative Sewing Machines are available under the hood of this brand. From Zig-Zag Fashion Maker to embroidery Sewing Machine and classic stitching machines, Singer is the brand that specializes in all. All their Sewing Machines allow users to create different styles. Not only home Sewing Machines, but Singer also specializes in Industrial Sewing Machines which is designed to carry out large amount of task in less time. The Singer Sewing Machine Online Price List starts from Rs. 7000 and it may increase up to Rs. 80000, depending upon the features and functionalities of the machine.

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Brother Sewing Machine

This is another leading and old brand of Sewing Machine which was commenced around 109 years back. Not only domestic Sewing Machine, but this brand is also popular for its huge product line that comprises of printing solutions, sewing solutions and embroidery products. Brother is the brand that is the leading manufacturer of computerized machines for quilting and sewing and offers Overlock Sewing Machine for hemming, edging and seaming too.

Brother also specializes in mechanical machines which come with some great features like top-loading bobbin, automatic button hole and built-in needle threader. The computerized models come equipped with 50 preset stitches and over 5 button holes styles. The machines also come with LCD screen that displays the style and makes operation really efficient and easier. Brother is the brand that also specializes in heavy duty embroidery machine that offers 10 needles along with LCD screen for display. The price list of Brother Sewing Machine starts from Rs. 5000 and it may range high up to Rs. 2 Lac.

USHA Sewing Machine

USHA is the Indian Sewing Machine brand that comprises a widest range of sewing machines under its hood. From manual Sewing Machines to automatic machines and also computerized Sewing Machine, USHA has it all to satisfy the need of all Indian housewives. The Janome range of Sewing Machine by USHA is designed with Japanese Technology and they are the most intuitive Sewing Machines ever made in India. Some of the USHA Sewing Machine modes also offer 120 built-in designs with speed controller, mirrored editing and 50 programmed patterns. Besides, the brand also specializes in offering classic Straight Stitch machines that are ultra durable and allows you to convert your creative imagination into reality. USHA also has a model of Rotary Stitch Master which is basically an industrial Sewing Machine that allows higher productivity with minimal effort and labour. It can offer up to 1500 stitches per minute and make the work faster for industries.

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The USHA Sewing Machine Price in India usually starts from Rs. 4200 for the basic and classic models and it ranges up to Rs. 8200 for advanced home models. The cost of the industrial Sewing Machine by USHA is a bit higher which you need to check online.

So, these were some of major brands of Sewing Machine that you will find in India today. However, there are also other local brands which can offer you ultimate sewing experience and comes with very minimal price range. Compare the price of all Sewing Machine brands and models online right from the website of which is the reliable comparison site for Sewing Machines.

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