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Which one should you choose – King size or Queen Size

The bedroom furniture is completely personalized according to the person or couple to which the room belongs. Choosing a perfect bed is one of the most important things to do, as it is the centerpiece of the bedroom furniture. Therefore, you need to do a little bit of research before you choose an apt bed for yourself or your family. 

Now that you are going to purchase a bed, you might feel then according to the size you will choose one, quite simple, right? Well, that is not the case. It is not so simple. Selecting a bed takes much more than just going by the size. Now you must be wondering what those other things are, do not think too much. Here we will tell you what the things that you should keep in mind before you purchase a king or queen size bed for yourself are. 

King Size Bed

Let us start with the essential feature of size. The width of a king-size bed is 76’, the length is 80’’, and the width per person is 38’’. Now, who should use a king-size bed? These types of beds are a perfect fit for any couple. It is just like two twin beds are put together of XL size. Each of the two persons gets space of 8’’ more than a queen size bed. This is the reason why the king-size bed is said to be suitable for the Master bedroom. For a single person, the king-size bed could be a little too large to sleep or lay on. 

Queen Size Bed

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If we talk about the basic feature of queen size bed, its size, then the width of the bed is 60’, the length is 80,’’ and the width per person comes to be 30’’. In comparison, the queen size bed’s length is 5’’ longer, and its width is 7’’ wider than the full-size beds. These are the types of beds that are suitable for both couples as well as individuals. For a couple, each person will get almost around 30’’ space to sleep or lay on. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that it suits couples and as well as individuals. This is why they are commonly used. The queen size beds are a perfect fit for small bedrooms and for guest rooms as well. 

Consider the following while purchasing a king or queen size bed.

To make sure that the bed you will buy fits perfectly into your bedroom, keep in stride the below-mentioned things:

Measure the space

This is an important step. When you are going out to buy a bed for yourself, make sure that you measure the space properly. There should be room to move around when you have placed the king or queen size bed in the area. 

It should be able to pass through the way

By this, we mean that it is possible you have chosen the right size according to your bedroom, but what good it is if you can not take the bed there. That is why keen in mind the size of the area from where you will be taking the bed upstairs. Also, take help from others to take it. 

Consider Accessories

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Choose a bed by considering the setting of the room as well. Will it go with the other things in the room or not? It should fit in your room like a piece of the puzz;e. 

Bottom line

Before making a purchase, consider all the factors such as budget, sleep partner, room, and all other things mentioned above and then choose the perfect king or queen size bed for yourself.

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