Which rotary endodontic and obturation system is the best?

The endodontic system involves significant treatment for dental issues and is related to the interior biology of the tooth. It is an important branch of dentistry which involves treatment to deal with dental issues and diseases within dental pulp containing soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. The endodontic system includes root canal therapy which helps to treat infected tooth pulp due to decaying of tooth. The dentists trained with endodontic courses in India provide root canal treatment by following a few steps.

Definition of rotary endodontic system

In the rotary endodontic system, dentists trained with rotary endodontic courses use electrical hand tools for cleaning debris within the pulp chamber and also use disinfectant to maintain hygienic conditions within the pulp chamber. Steady and slow rotational movement of electrical hand tools made up of nickel-titanium alloy is an advantageous and flexible option for root canal treatment. A small electric motor is used in the rotary endodontic system to make the process in a faster way. The dentists can detect the location of the tooth root tip to avoid perforations as the hand tool is equipped with a detector.

What are the requirements for being the best rotary and obturation system in dentistry?

The best rotary endodontic and obturation system will include some important mechanical objectives related to cleaning and shaping such as preparation for continuous tapering, maintenance of original anatomy, positioning of foramen accurately and making foramen as small as fulfilling practical use. A perfect obturation system included in rotary endodontic courses in India acts for three main functions such as prevention for coronal leakage of harmful bacteria or supply of essential nutrients for the growth of soft tissues within the space of root canal procedure, prevention of periodontal fluids to percolate inside the root canal to feed harmful bacteria and treatment of residual microorganisms.

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Pro Taper System of Endodontic System

Pro Taper System of the endodontic system included in Dental Courses in India is the best option for the rotary endodontic system. It has alternative file systems with progressive changing of tapers for shaping each side. It also works efficiently by reducing the chances of breakage of dentine. It involves flexible tapered instruments reducing the screw effect. The files used in the Pro Taper System are made up of M-Wire NiTi to offer more flexibility. It is also advantageous to navigate challenging canals. A warm gutta-percha of 4.5+ mm is used in this system.

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