Which Type of Hackers have the Bright Career in Future?

Cybersecurity professionals see some threat actors or third parties as the enemy. However, it is important to challenge this mindset; a company better shields itself from third parties with malicious intentions if it knows better how they think and operate. That is why companies around the world turn to hackers to test their security infrastructure and develop stronger and more robust practices.

There are mainly two types of hackers

Before integrating the hacker test into the security policy, it is important to understand the different types of hackers that exist. Each group has different motivations and it is necessary to know which of its capabilities can be used to benefit the company.

  • Black Hat Hackers

The black hat hackers are cybercriminals who are motivated by personal or financial gain. They can be teen amateurs as well as experienced individuals or teams. Working with a black hat hacker is controversial. However, in recent years, several black hat hackers have redirected their efforts to defend organizations.

  • White Hat Hackers

Commonly called ethical hackers, the white hat hackers with CEH certification in Middle East are hired by companies seeking to identify vulnerabilities in security defenses. Despite using the same tactics as black hat hackers, this group is allowed by companies to carry out intrusions. While using their knowledge to find defense vulnerabilities, they work together with security teams to fix problems before others discover them.

Many of the world’s largest companies use white hat hackers to identify flaws and proactively increase their security posture. This hacking style offers an interesting and profitable path for these people, who have high technical skills. Attaching importance to the role of white hat hackers is an incentive for these talented individuals to pursue a positive path, instead of becoming malicious hackers.

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Professional Careers in Ethical Hacking

There are many courses and certifications underway to find, encourage and support the next generation of white hat hackers. Participants learn how hackers work and how cybersecurity professionals can defend themselves. The aim for CEH course in Dubai is to encourage individuals with high technical knowledge to use them for the benefit of their professional career.

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