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Which Water Purifier Brand Offers The Best After-Sales Services?

Are you planning to buy the Water Purifier Online In India anytime soon? There are so many brands are available in the market with different features that will help you to make life better. When the most popular water filtration system is Reverse Osmosis or RO, technologies like UV and UF have not lacked behind. Apart from the basic technology, there are so many other things like vegetable washers, reject water storage, and other features to add the functionalities of the appliance. Brands like Kent, Aquaguard, Nasaka, Livpure, Moonbow bring to the market different models of water purifiers. 

It is not only the features that you should consider while buying the Water Purifier but the after-sale service of the company should be judged. As an electronic appliance, it needs maintenance from time to time. You need to change the carbon filter every year to ensure 100% contamination-free water. The filter of the water purifier works best when it is under proper maintenance. Apart from that, you may have an emergency or unwanted damage that can stop your source of pure water. You cannot predict when you will need after-sale service for your water purifier.

Selling the product to the customer is not the end of the relationship but the initiation of a long association. Check out the following discussion to know which water purifier brand offers the best after-sale services.


It is one of the most trusted names in the Water Purifier Online In India. The product range is pretty awesome that will produce pure drinking water for the whole family. You can go for a yearly maintenance contract with the company so that you will get in touch with the executive as soon as any problem occurs.      



It is the forerunner of the water purifier industry of India. Eureka Forbes is the most trusted brand among Indians and it’s after-sale service is quite well known among people. The Annual Maintenance Contract is the best way to get instant service of the technician. It has been reported in different forums that the technician turns up within hours of reporting.    


If you buy Nasaka Water Purifier Online In India, then you will be contacted by the customer care. They will do the yearly maintenance without any prompting from your side. If you face any problem and under AMC; then the technician will visit your home. You need to call via customer care or email to get an instant response.  


This new entry in the Indian water purifier market is quite impressive for its performance. To sustain the competition and get recognition in the market, Livpure offers excellent after-sale service to the customers. 


In the Indian appliance market, Havells is a well-reputed name. The water purifier of this company is quite good and they are keeping up the standard of after-sale service as well. The customers are quite satisfied until now with their service.


This brand stands among the leading names of consumer durable items. For the after-sale service of the LG water purifier, you can have a quite good experience like all other customers.

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