Who can inherit in Islam?

What is Islam ?

Islam is a religion that instructs that there is only one God , Allah, and Muhammad is the last Messenger of Allah.Islam is the second biggest religion on the planet after Christianity, with about 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide.Islam began in Mecca during the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Today, the Islam is spreading rapidly throughout the world.The Quran (some of the time spelled Qur’an or Koran) is viewed as the most significant book among Muslims.The text is viewed as the hallowed expression of God and supercedes any past writings.Muslims follow five fundamental pillars that are essential to their faith. These include:


To declare that there is no God except Allah and Prophet Muhammed is His last Messenger


To offer prayers five times a day


To help those in need

Fasting :

To fast during the month of Ramadan


To make a journey to Mecca once during an person’s lifetime , if the individual is capable

  Islam is a complete religion that guides about everything.So in this article, some inheritence knowledge is listed down for you.There are many islamic wills Uk companies that can also help you gaining knowledge about inheritence

Who can inherit in Islam?

Rules of Inheritance can be divided into the following categories :

The main level:

The wife and children of the deceased.

The subsequent level:

The father and mother of the deceased.It can even go to brothers and sisters !

The third level:

The grandfather of the dead and his grandmother as they started the family tree.The next closest ones are paternal side for example paternal uncle , auntie and their kids, of a person and then the maternal side.Or else all the properties and money will be distributed to the charity.

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Legacy of the Wife and Husband

When a wife dies and she doesn’t leave any kids, her half fortune is distributed to the husband and the other half to others. If a wife has kids from that spouse or from another husband, the husband acquires a fourth of the property and the rest is distributed among her children. But when the husband is dead and he doesn’t leave any offsprings, his wife will acquire a fourth of the property. At the point when he has kids from this spouse or from another wife, his wealth will be distributed an eighth of the property and the rest is for children.

Other Inheritence Aspects

There are many other inheritence aspects like how a deceased fortune is distributed among family or how much share a daughter has or a son has or what to do if a deceased person debt is greater that his/her fortune.All these answers are there if you deeply study the Quran and Sunnah.Some points are discussed below : 

  • Before distributing the wealth you have to ensure to pay off all the debt of a deceased.
  • A Muslim can inherit from a non-muslim but a non-muslim can not inherit from a muslim even if he is a father !
  • When someone kills his relative intentionally then he is not eligible to inherit from that family
  • Wealth should also be distributed to the unborn child ; infant that is still in mothers womb. If the infant is born alive then he/she inherits as well .
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