Why blockchain learning courses are in demand?

Satoshi Nakamoto released a white paper on bitcoin – a distributed ledger system based on financial transactions using cryptocurrency. It opened up avenues for new modes of value transactions between the stakeholders without a central body (government or central authoritative body). Blockchain, Bitcoin’s underlying technological platform piqued the interest of many who believed that Bitcoin paved the way for a non-governmental or big-business regulated funding.

So, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been pushed to the fringe or even being banned by governments like India. But, nonetheless – Blockchain still vies as a potential distributed ledger technology and a lot of research, thought and investment has been done to implement it as a solution that will bring in a higher level of transparency, data security and integrity, information auditability, and most importantly tamper-proof.

This surge in Blockchain interest has made it the trending technology currently and is also considered as the security layer to other technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence, Big Data. This integration takes care of the security issues that were hindering their widespread acceptance.

Blockchain limitless potential is creating a huge deficit in the supply of competent and skilled blockchain developers in the market. Blockchain learning courses are cropping up everywhere to cater to this demand. Blockchain-based jobs rank first in the list of high-paying jobs as the demand has grown exponentially.

As a developer, with just a couple of years of experience in coding, you could easily learn blockchain and put their career on a very high growth trajectory. Bangalore tops the list in the number of blockchain jobs in India and you could tap into this demand through a highly reputed blockchain training in Bangalore imparted through Blockchain practitioners themselves.

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Why should you learn Blockchain development?

Blockchain is not Bitcoin.

This is just a myth, learning blockchain will not help you to mine cryptocurrency. Bitcoin prices have seen epic rises and equally epic lows. Prices are never a reason to learn technology. You need to be ready to work long-term in the blockchain space to be considered the early entrant or the early adopter of the tech. Blockchain learning courses like EMURGO Academy’s WorkPro are offered by Blockchain Industry experts themselves will surely help you to understand the far-reaching implications of blockchain.

Few reasons to convince you to move into the blockchain space.

  1. Technology is in its nascent stage.
    Bitcoin has been around for ten years, but the rate of innovation only reached extreme heights in the last couple of years. Only with the launch of Ethereum did people saw blockchain as a non-financial tech as well. And so, if you choose to learn this technology through a blockchain learning course, you will be among the first wave of developers, and you could easily catch up, learn the tech and be current alongside someone who might have started 10 years back. So you are in a gainful position to learn blockchain.
  2. Blockchain still doesn’t have a strong talent funnel
    Most of the brightest students are learning other technologies like machine learning, data sciences, web programming. Early on blockchain was considered to be in the realm of nerds, cypherpunks, and weirdos. Only now it is changing, being an open-minded, curious developer is an advantageous position to come into, there is definitely value for such people.
  3. Blockchain is not being taught through academic channels.
    Satoshi Nakamoto was not an academic as far the general opinion goes. Most of the innovation in Blockchain is driven by enthusiasts, aficionados, entrepreneurs and independent researchers. Blockchain is open source technology as everything researched on the topic is available to learn. And, if you are keen on learning from the industry experts themselves, then the Blockchain learning course from EMURGO will suit your needs.
  4. The demand for blockchain developers has skyrocketed.
    Big companies and startups are investing in building blockchain networks and other applications. But they are extremely short-staffed when it comes to the human capital ready to work on such initiatives. Companies are as such hiring blockchain skilled people at really good pay levels. If you could add some skills under your belt, you are sure to start off your blockchain career on a high note.
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EMURGO Academy offers Blockchain training in Bangalore for working professionals through a program called WorkPro. This is the only course taught by Blockchain Practitioners. They are a subsidy of EMURGO in Japan – the investing and commercial arm of Cardano – the 3rd Generation Blockchain.

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