Why Customised Packaging is a Popular Trend?

Search “packaging trends of 2019” on the internet, and you will find a point on customized or personalized packaging in every article for sure. Yes, everyone is talking about customized packaging because it is an evergreen trend in the packaging industry.

Every company understands the importance of customized packaging nowadays. Many big companies like Coca-Cola, Sneakers, Lay’s, Nutella, Oreo, and Heinz are using customized packages to attract their customers and build a better connection with them.

Due to the usage of customized packaging by such big names, every other company and marketer wants to know more about this packaging trend. Well, if you are also wondering why there is so much fuss about customized packaging, then we are here to help you!

Yes, we will tell you why customized packaging is gaining that much momentum among the audience as well as the manufacturers. What made it a trend? To understand this, keep reading.

  1. Customized Packaging adds a Personal Touch in the Product:

Humans care more for things that are their own. The personal touch present in those belongings makes them special. You must have also felt it. In customized packaging, this personal touch is added in the products to make them special for the target buyers.

Let’s take the example of the famous company Coca-Cola’s personalized packaging. Coca-Cola has launched a campaign, namely “share a coke”. In this, the company has launched bottles of famous names in the market. People have to share their coke with the person of the name written on their bottle.

Now, the names of these people added a personal touch to the bottles and people of those names often shared images of them with coke bottles. In the same way, people also share images of their names written on the Starbucks cups as well. So, writing something familiar with your target audience on the packaging adds a personal touch in the product.

  • Companies can Target Specific Audience through Customised Packaging:
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Customized packaging is not only related to printing names or images of the customers on the products. It’s much more than that. Companies use customized packaging to attract a specific group of audience.

To understand this in a better way, we have to see the example of Heinz soup. The company Heinz has created soup packages with a personalized message of “Get well soon”. By doing so, they have targeted people who are going to visit someone sick. So, this group of the audience became attracted to purchase Heinz soup while visiting their sick loved ones.

One more example of this is Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Valentine’s Day special chocolate. The company knew that people will love to buy a chocolate bar with a heart in the center instead of normal chocolate for their soul mate. So, customized packaging is helping companies in using generalized messages, symbols, and images to attract particular groups of audience.

  • Customized Packaging assist in Building an Emotional Connection:

If people feel emotionally attached to a product, then they surely buy it; no matter how costly or useful it is. Yes, we humans take many decisions due to the influence of our emotions. Through customized packaging, companies are using this weakness of human beings.

When you will see your name or anything related to you on a packet, then you will definitely stop to see it and usually end up purchasing it. Not only this, but customized packaging is helping the companies in building an emotional connection with people in many other ways.

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For example, lay’s has started a campaign in which customers can send them any photo to be published on their personal lay’s pack. This pack will be directly shipped to the buyer within a few days.

Now, many people who tried this shared the pic of their personalized packet on the internet because they had an emotional connection with it. By seeing these images, other people also felt the need of trying it. This attraction is also the result of an emotional connection.

  • Customized Packets get Instant Attention:

Getting the instant attention of the buyers is the main motive of companies. They spend huge amounts for gaining this type of attention through their packaging. Customized packaging made this easy for the sellers.

The unique packages in which you can add your own names, personal messages and designs attract people more than the regular packages. People love to try such different things. So, these packages work as perfect bait to capture the buyers.

  • The Element of Uniqueness makes Self- Designed Customised Packages a Hit:

Who has thought that there will be a time when people can design the packets of their favorite products? Well, it’s a reality now. The self-designing feature is making customized packaging a big hit. Due to this feature, anyone can choose the color or design of their own packages online.

It means that each person can have a unique packet, that too containing their favorite colors, symbols, and designs. Companies like Malibu and Oreo have tried this trend, and lots of people had designed their own Malibu bottles and Oreo packets through the internet.

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They have also flaunted their self-designed packages through social media. As a result, more people visited the websites of these companies and created their self-designed packets. The element of uniqueness and personal identity attracted people to try this at least for once.

So, customized packaging became a big trend due to all these reasons. Every company is coming up with new customization ideas to attract more and more people and to increase their sales.

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