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Why Data Science Certification Matters

Data is everywhere!

Don’t you agree with this fact?

Data has become ubiquitous and we might not often realize how it is affecting our lives. The presence of data is subtle we barely notice it – be it while using mobile apps, GPS, managing your shopping online, wearables that monitor our sleep, and during energy consumption.

Every industry is in critical need for data – the marketing sector, the financial sector, the industrial sector, and the educational sector. Have you ever wondered how data can add value to your business? No doubt, data is already quietly changing the lives of many.

Therefore, upskilling in data science will help you gain an edge over others in this competitive job market. A data science career is considered lucrative as organizations seek to hire individuals with skills in data science.

A data science certification provides credibility to the organization stating you have the excellence and proof of skills that are needed in the current industry. If you have managed to get yourself certified in data science, then there’s no stopping the individual from getting hired as a data scientist.

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) projects to be among the credible certification providers across the globe.


If you’re seeking to take your data science career to new heights, then perhaps you’ve come to the right place. DASCA offers a wide range of data science certification programs for the novice, amateur, and professionals with experience in this field.

DASCA provides Associate Big Data Analyst certification program (ABDA™), Senior Big Data Analyst certification program (SBDA™), Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) certification program, and Principal Data Scientist (PDS™) certification program.

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Earning a data science certificate from DASCA will help you launch your data science career in the global world.

The merits:

  • You get the complete DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™) kit curated by the best data scientists across the globe.
  • DASCA is a vendor-neutral platform.
  • Individuals can prep up by taking up the SDS™ Certification examinations.
  • Learn from the best in the industry. The coursework offered by DASCA is created by subject matter experts and actual data scientists from the industry.
  • Data science certification from DASCA promises hands-on experience and practitioner approach making you job-ready.
  • DASCA certified professionals earn a stamp of credibility in the data science field.

The perks of earning data science certification

  • Flexibility in any sector or industry – earning data science certification provides flexibility and learning opportunities without hampering your potential unlike other traditional business job roles where gaining expertise in one field makes you an expert only in that particular field and not any other field.
  • No prerequisite to take up data science certification programs – the best part about taking up data science certification is the fact that you don’t need to have a full background in data science or analytics. You may be a fresh graduate looking to expand your horizon in data science or perhaps an experienced professional yet you can always look for a change in your career.
  • It is high in demand by large organizations – multiple companies have now understood the importance of data and analytics for their businesses. The health care, e-commerce, retail, and finance sectors are major players who will be needing skilled data science professionals in the upcoming future. According to research, speculations suggest there will be a huge gap between the demand and supply of certified data science professionals by 2027. Simply put, an incredible number of job opportunities will be seen in the data science realm.
  • Increases your probability of earning lucrative salary packages – a data science certification will increase your likelihood of earning whopping salaries. According to a study made by Microsoft, about 91 percent of the hiring managers said certifications played a significant role during the selection process of candidates.
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What are you waiting for?

Put forward your best efforts and join the data science bandwagon.

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