French terry cotton

Why French Terry is comfortable to wear?

Terry is a kind of a soft fabric which is made from large but uncut loops and the thread that covers from both the sides. This is a surface which can absorb sweat and water very easily and that is why’ they are used to make such things like towels.

Now what exactly is a French terry cotton? This also resembles terry as the piling and looping features the same just like terry. But in this case, the piles are on the inside and this can provide a very soft and cosy feeling when one wears this fabric. This can either be made from 100 percent cotton or it can be made by mixing more than one or two fibres and these mixtures can include fibres like Lycra and Spandex. In most cases, this fabric is said to be wrap knitted. When French terry is made from pure cotton then it can provide a very soft feel for the ones who is wearing it.

Here are some valid reasons, why French terry can be used perfectly to make casual wear garments:

Strong and durable

This one is said to be a very robust fabric and it can withstand enough wear and tear. It can also endure a lot of tugging and pulling without getting damaged. Even if one washes this fabric repeatedly it never loses its original form. The strength of this fabric always lies in the fact that this fabric is made from interlocked loops and it can provide a lot of durability. So, a garment made of this fabric can go on for years.

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Moisture Absorbent

It is a fabric which works as a very effective absorbent. It can soak a lot of moisture at a time. Hence one can wear this fabric with a lot of comfort in every season, throughout the year. It can absorb the sweat of the body and keep them dry and cool during summers. The cotton threads that are present in this fabric can also absorb large quantity of water. Hence, in winter it can also keep one very warm. Because of its absorbent nature, this fabric is mostly used in order to make gym and exercising clothes. One can make garments like sweat pants, hoodies, shorts and joggers with these materials.

Lasts longer

If one wants to compare this to other fabrics then they can find the fact that these can last really long and this happens because they are made from interlocked loops. It is a knitted fabric and hence this one is also a slightly heavier fabric. It also retains its shape even if they are twisted and pulled. The remain in good shape for years even if they are worn heavily. Also, this is a fabric which is easily washable.


They do offer a great deal of flexibility and it is a stretchable fabric by nature. Hence, one can make sportswear out of it.

French terry fabric manufacturers in India thus knows why this fabric is popular among people.