Why Get Your Sewer Snakes from Duracable?

Whether you’re on the job or just using a sewer snake to clear out some minor blockages in your home, your drain snakes come up against some serious obstacles when you put them to the grindstone. Even if it’s only the blockage your drain snake is up against, in an industrial application that blockage is going to test your snake and its fittings against extreme pressure and torsion. On top of that, the load you put behind it with your drain machine is going to press it even further. Add to that days and days of service in wet and corrosive environments and potential subjection to a very wide range of temperatures, some of which may be extreme, and you have a piece of equipment that gets no easy days on the job. Now, looking for a Sewer Snake For Sale is going to bring you a lot of options – in this market, there’s no shortage. The problem is, you’re going to find a lot of equipment that has been subject to shoddy quality control, yielding a product that is relatively unreliable at best to drain snakes that are brittle, soft, or weak at worst. While there are a lot of sewer snake purveyors in the market for drain servicing equipment, there is only one Duracable. Here’s what sets them apart.

The first is the solitary quality of their equipment. While this applies to all of their drain maintenance equipment; blades, inspection equipment and machines among them, it is an exceptional representation of value when it comes to their sewer snakes. Other companies may simply stick their brand on other manufacturers’ wares, and some manufacturers will begin the whole process with steel that improperly treated and tempered, but Duracable exclusively manufacturers their own cleaning cables for the perfect balance of hardness and strength, able to handle heavy loads of flexion and tension.

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Compounding the value of the quality of the sewer snakes at Duracable is their quality control – any product that fails inspection at any step of production at Duracable is unusable in their estimation. All you get from the sewer snakes from Duracable is the best – and by the best, we mean ridiculously tough, unflagging sewer snakes that don’t flinch when they’re put to power through heavy obstacles with the force of a drain cleaning machine behind them. Of course, Duracable adds to this value by offering you a sewer cable for any application or purpose, from smaller-scale residential jobs to industrial work, capable of servicing pipes up to 16 inches in diameter and in standard lengths up to 150 feet – though they will create a custom-sized sewer snake to order. The point here is that the people at Duracable have made powering through and clearing obstacles their living, so they don’t let any obstacles stand in their way.

On top of the excellent value you get from the equipment at Duracable is the 30-day guarantee you get on their drain cleaning snakes. Anyone in the business can tell you that 30 days in the life of a drain snake is fairly unlike 30 days in the life of anything else – and to guarantee a drain snake for 30 days is a stroke of confidence you’ll be unlikely to find anywhere but from the people at Duracable. So before you go looking for a sewer snake for sale elsewhere, be it one to replace a single unit or to outfit a fleet of a sort, visit or call them up at 800-247-4081 and speak with the knowledgeable and professional people on their team; they’ll set you up with everything you need.

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