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Why Indian Designer Long Kurtis are so Popular?

Indian ethnic wears like designer long Kurtis, cotton kurtas, sarees, etc. have stretched beyond the borders of the country. It has evolved down the ages to match the ever-changing demands of the fashion world. A long Kurti can go down to ankle-level and is versatile to be worn on every occasion. If we trace the history of Indian kurtas, it was originally worn by men but later was adopted as a popular women outfit too, hence the name was improvised to Kurti. Earlier, the Kurti had a simple design unlike the elaborative designs found today. 

The best part of Indian Kurtis is that it is not limited to a state or region. It is a very common dress form followed by people living in all regions. 

Ever wondered, why Indian Kurtis are so popular? If yes, then this blog is for you.

Indian designer long Kurtis are a popular choice among women around the world. Even tourists and foreigners prefer to buy cotton Kurti whenever they visit the country. 

Let’s look at some of the amazing reasons why Indian cotton Kurtis and long designer Kurtis are so popular.

Reasons behind the popularity of Indian designer long Kurtis

They are affordable

You can buy a designer long kurta without spending a huge amount. One of the specialties of Indian wear is that you get the best quality at the most reasonable price. Nobody would want to spend more if they can get the best in a reasonable amount. Kurtis are the most demanded product and hence are easily available in the market. Whatever your budget maybe, you can find a suitable Kurti in your preferred range. 

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Variety of designs 

Indian designers are obsessed with long Kurtis and kurtas. As a result, you will find a variety of designs. From simple plain to chikenkari work Kurtis and digital prints; you will find a vast variety of designer women wears. You can also experiment with the cuts and colors of the Kurti. 


Long Kurtis can be worn on occasions such as a party, wedding, college, or even at office parties. You can further pair them with different bottom wears to don a different look every time you step out in them. You can wear them with pants, churidars, palazzos, skirts, etc. Their versatility is the primary reason why women around the world love them. 

They can be accessorized 

Since they are versatile, you can also accessorize them differently for multiple occasions. You can wear oxidized silver jewelry with your cotton kurtas for that breezy summer look. You can also try short ethnic jackets with your long Kurtis to look stylish and attractive. 

You can buy Kurtis online

There are a number of online marketplaces where you can shop for your favorite designer long Kurtis. The fact that they are popular makes them an easily accessible item in the market. If you cannot afford to go for street shopping due to time constraints, you can look for this beautiful ensemble online. 

Now that you know why Indian Kurtis are so irresistible, you must not wait to buy yourself one. 

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