Why is it important to update the website?

Once the initial enthusiasm for the news was exhausted, the desire to update the blog and take care of the site slowly faded and this was gradually abandoned to itself. Sometimes it is not a question of will, but of priority. However, the care and updating of the site is of fundamental importance to always keep it healthy and not to make your initial investment vain.

The site is in fact a dynamic thing and once created and optimized it does not remain effective forever, unless it is taken care of properly. It must be updated to increase safety and speed, also having content always up to date brings multiple advantages .

Updating your WordPress site increases security

Updating the CMS, the theme and the plugins that make up your site, allows you to keep it safe and protect it from hacker attacks . The new versions of these components, in fact, solve the bugs and problems of the previous ones. Constantly updating the site also guarantees you significant financial savings compared to having to run for security problems

The WordPress update allows you to increase the speed of your site

WordPress is an open source online content management system, meaning any programmer can modify or extend the code to improve the software. This is why the new versions are lighter and more performing . This will allow your site to load very quickly, bringing an improvement of both the user experience and the positioning on Google .

Having an updated blog on the website brings many benefits

  • Improve your search engine optimization .
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Optimize your search engine rankings. Each new post is a very important source of seo optimization , because it allows you to have an additional page to be placed on Google. In fact, updated topics and keywords included in each new article help you optimize your positioning on Google every time in an organic way . If you want to deepen this topic I recommend you read here .

  • Loyalty to your customers

If you have supporters who are just waiting to read your newsletter, your articles and your opinion you may lose them. By leaving the blog and stopping creating content for your site, they too may feel forgotten and lose faith in you . If you don’t cultivate the relationship with your current customers, the time spent looking for and building new contacts will be wasted time. This is one of the aspects in which I believe most in my profession: cultivating the relationships and trust of the people who follow me.

Feed your credibility and reputation online

Online reputation is what allows you to quickly grow your business on the web or, just as quickly, to end it. A blog stopped for months, if not years, does not make a good impression . Create in the user an idea of ​​little professionalism and attention to the communication of your business. Thus you risk losing potential new customers.

Now you’re wondering: but how much does it cost me to keep my website up to date?

As for the technical part, I can help you directly with the website maintenance service. If you need help in drafting and creating original texts for your site or blog , I can help you anyway because I work with very good copywriters who will take care of writing your texts.

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Is your website updated? Remember: the success of your business depends on you. If you need help, contact me immediately.

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