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Why is stainless steel trolley the prime material handling equipment?

Stainless steel trolleys have a great application in the industrial unit. They are used widely in industries, in catering and medical industry. Comprised of the stainless steel material, a stainless steel trolley offers a number of benefits. Since the material of the trolley is steel and chromium, the trolley is stain resistant and rust proof. This is the reason why a stainless steel trolley is the major materials handling equipment by reflexequip.com.au. Made from high grade steel, the trolley is electro polished to offer a bright finish and great sterile qualities. It has huge application in medical and catering field.

The features of stainless steel trolleys

You can buy the stainless steel trolleys in variety of styles and patterns. It has more than one shelve fixed with the frame. Wheels and castors are used to make it mobile. Most of the trolleys will appear like the tea trolley and several units even have 2-4 braked wheels. The best part of the trolley is that it is easy to assemble on being flat packed. It fulfills the catering needs since the trolley is made up of high quality steel. Having four castors, the trolleys are convenient to maneuver. Two wheels of the trolley are usually braked and since they are hygienic, you can clean and maintain them easily. Available in range of styles and sizes, the trolley can have the dimension of 900mmx450mmx850mm.

What are heavy duty trolleys?

Heavy duty trolley can be made up of stainless steel and is used to handle material in the similar way as other trolleys are meant for. It is usually manufactured for durability and to handle very heavy equipments. Mainly they are made from 304 grade of stainless steel with bright and sparkling finish. Most of the units have 2mm of worktop upon the 40 mm tubing frame. The castors can be of 100 mm in diameter and this completes the stainless steel trolley which is so powerful when it comes to material handling. Loads upto 200kgs can be handled with them.

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Owing to the great durability and convenience of cleaning, the trolley is used widely in the catering and medical industry. The long lasting quality of the trolley increases the demand further. You can buy the trolley with 4-5 removal trays basing on the needs. Both fully welded trolleys and manual assembling trolleys are available at reflexequip.com.au. Stainless steel medical trolley can have the depth of 520mm, width and height of 460mm and 860mm respectively.

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